Album Review: Killa Chris’s “Homo Superior”

Whether you’re a fan of EDM or prefer a more industrial techno sound, Homo Superior, the upcoming album by DJ/producer Killa Chris, definitely has something for every listener. 

The album begins with the enjoyably mid-tempo “Will You Be My Friend”, before jumping right into the more uptempo “Do You”, in which Killa Chris chants: “It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it / It’s not how you play, it’s how you play it / It’s not how you fuck, it’s how you fuck it.” With its campy vocals and cheeky lyrics, “Do You” definitely stands out as one of the album’s highlights. 

Although Homo Superior is an album that features mostly EDM/Tecno-inspired dance tracks, Killa Chris also makes sure to sprinkle in a little bit of love for the hopeless romantics out there. The affectionate “Everything” and the flirty “Because I Like You” featuring Atari Koala, both showcases the DJ’s softer side, while still giving his audience something to dance to. 

The album wraps up with the very cheerful and uplifting “Smile”, where Killa Chris’s computerized vocals encourages you to “put a smile on your face”. Because Killa Chris makes it perfectly clear that his goal is for you to dance and have fun throughout the album, “Smile” seems like the best possible way to close a very fun, solid dance album.  

Be sure to check out Homo Superior by Killa Chris, August 9th on Soundcloud!

BWM Staff

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