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Adult film with U=U message features comedic commentary from Bianca Del Rio

Porn with a message, anyone? A new adult film aims to stimulate your mind as well as your privates. 

British adult film star Kayden Gray writes and stars in U Equals Fucking U (or UEFU), a two-part adult film released in February which looks to destigmatize HIV through its support of the U=U concept (Undetectable = Untransmittable). The film also seeks to destigmatize the joy of exploring sex after a positive diagnosis.

Much of the sex in UEFU is filmed condomless. Kayden Gray discusses the decision not to use condoms, stating: “Firstly, because although a lot of people are behind U=U in theory, when it comes to practice, many tip-toe around the idea and aren’t that comfortable with the thought of HIV-positive people having condomless sex. This trend applies even to some people working in porn (though admittedly mainly straight). I felt I needed to make a statement.”

He continues: “Secondly, it is no secret that people everywhere learn sexual behaviors from adult content; and while about half of the world still don’t have access to HIV meds, in recent years condoms have all but disappeared from porn. Being far more popular than condom porn, bareback offers an untapped world of opportunity to raise awareness and help people have better, safer sex — although I’m sure many conservative activists may be shaken by this idea. I want U Equals Fucking U to not only entertain and educate, but be an explicit celebration of equal opportunity to connect and enjoy sex regardless of status. After 40 years of stigma and fear, it really is time to introduce joy into the conversation.”

The film also co-stars UK adult film star Bishop Black, and features RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6 winner and fan favorite Bianca Del Rio, who appears throughout the film as comic relief to dish out the facts about HIV and U=U.

In the film, Kayden and Bishop hook up after meeting on an app. In the middle of sex, Kayden, who is HIV positive with an undetectable viral load, realizes that the condom is missing. 

Founded in Los Angeles in 2009, Impulse Group’s mission is to help gay men make healthy lifestyle choices. It has now become the only international volunteer gay group in the world, with 25 Impulse Chapters in 12 countries. The founder, Jose Ramos, was a consultant on UEFU.

Reiterating the message of the film, Ramos states that “having condomless sex while someone is undetectable eliminates the risk to being exposed to HIV.” 

Watch a SFW clip featuring the hilarious Bianca Del Rio below! To watch UEFU, Parts 1 and 2, go here. Both SFW and NSFW versions are available.

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