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Politically engaged, socially conscious, spiritually connected, a bit naughty, queer & visible. Art, apparel, jewelry, whatnot!

We have been called warm, inviting, and a bit naughty… we would concur. We call Provincetown our happy place.

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We march to our own beat. We believe in love, equality, justice, and freedom. We live by the “golden rule” and we aim to espouse this in everything that we do. Live and let live is the idea we hold in the highest regard. We aspire to be the change.

One of the founding principles of Adam’s Nest was to find a way of operating a business with “purpose“, the business gives monthly to GLAAD and the Trevor Project and regularly supports a variety of causes and individuals throughout the year.

At year end we review profitability and give additional funds to a variety of organizations, but within the business there are a number of items where 10% of proceeds is earmarked specifically for the following organizations: the Dream Corps,the Indivisible Civicsthe ACLU, the Ali Forney CenterThe Audre Lorde ProjectGays Against GunsGreenpeacePlanned ParenthoodRAICES, and Rainbow Railroad.

The items in this collection indicate the respective charities that they support.

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