Actor Christopher Meloni’s cakes go viral, Twitter reacts

Actor Christopher Meloni celebrated his birthday on April 2… And clearly he had some leftover cake to share!

The 60 year-old actor went viral this week after a picture of his cakes became a sensation on social media. The actor was on the set of Law & Order: Organized Crime when the picture was taken, and Twitter could not get enough of his juicy buns. 


When asked by a Twitter user why he had so much cake, Meloni responded: “Sure. Big birthday (60), big boy (200 lbs), big cake.” Well, don’t tease your audience like this, Christopher! Tell us what else is BIG. 

His buns may be getting a lot of attention this week, but thirst for Christopher Meloni has been real as evidenced by a Buzz Feed video from 2019 that shows him reading “thirst tweets”. One user says, “I’d cut off my arm to touch Christopher Meloni’s butt, it’s that serious.”

Meloni and his famous moneymaking buns currently making a highly anticipated return to the Law & Order franchise after going on hiatus for almost ten years. Well, welcome BACK, Chris!

BWM Staff

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