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A Whirlwind Romance: Nigel and Rico from For the Love of DILFs

When Nigel Battle first set his eyes on Rico Prada on the set of season 2 of the hit OUTtv series, For the Love of DILFs, Battle knew Prada was the one. 

“It was such a rush of emotions in that moment and ended up being my favorite memory of the season. He was just so beautiful, I could not believe how lucky I was and I could not wait to get to know him more,” Battle said.

For the uninitiated, For the Love of DILFs is the hottest gay reality dating competition show that follows a group of “Himbos” and “Daddies” competing in a set of spicy challenges while simultaneously going on romantic dates in an effort to find “the one”. Battle and Prada had a palpable chemistry right from the beginning which was undeniable and helped them stick it out to the very end, to eventually win the competition. We caught up with the happy couple to chat about their time on the show, what their lives were like before For the Love of DILFs, and what being a bear means to them.

(L-R) Lovebirds Rico Prada and Nigel Battle

Taylor R. Moore: Hello you two and thank you for taking to me today! Let’s jump straight into it. Talk to me about your life and your love life before “For the Love of DILFs”? What’s your dating track record been like? What did you normally look for in guys?

Nigel Battle: In the past, I’ve had very few serious relationships and prior to the show, I was really enjoying just “having fun”. Meeting Rico on day one REALLY shook that up in an exciting and new way.

I look for a connection with guys that I date. Having an attraction to a certain “type” really means nothing to me unless that connection and excitement are there.

Rico Prada: Well, my love life before the show was very hard in the sense of not finding someone proud to be with me. I’ve only had two men in my life prior to the show and before those two men, I was exclusively with women. And I just never felt whole.

My dating history includes three boyfriends and three girlfriends. There have been a good amount of hookups, but dating is something I take seriously. I typically look for a man who is funny and charming. Making me laugh is a really good way to my heart. I also look for loyalty and unconditional love because lord knows I’m not perfect but I’m willing to give the same things back. I also look for a man who can accept responsibility and work torward achieving a future together.

Taylor R. Moore: How did you hear about the show? What drew you in and made you participate?

Battle: I am a huge fan of reality TV and For the Love of DILFs Season One is one of my favorite shows. I basically followed OUTtv after the Season One finale and stalked out an opportunity to get into the DILF mansion. Once they announced casting, I quickly sent in an audition tape showing how single I was, and I got on.

Prada: Well, I applied to For the Love of DILFs for shits and giggles. I saw the ad on Instagram and I had just been let go from my previous job, so I applied thinking, “Well, let’s give this a try and see what happens.” I applied the very last night they were taking applications at 11:55 PM haha. So honestly, I didn’t think they would choose me.

TRM: How did you react when you first got on the show?

Battle: I was beyond excited but also nervous because it was something I had never done before so I had no idea how to prepare which drove me crazy!

Prada: It was definitely surreal. I wasn’t sure they chose the right person. I was so excited to even be able to look forward to an experience like that.

TRM: What was your strategy like when you entered villa?

Battle: My strategy when I entered the villa was to not have one. Being a fan of reality TV, I knew that there was strength in being not too calculated and authentically yourself. If I tried to play too hard or act like a character, it could result in me going home, so I chose to just be real and enjoy my time there as much as possible. Other game strategies and tactics definitely kicked in as the competition continued but not so much in the beginning.

Prada: Honestly there was no strategy. I just came in there and was looking for love openly and honestly. And once the challenges came about, then I remembered, “Oh shit we are on a reality competition show, haha!”

TRM: Now Nigel, talk to me about the first time laying your eyes on Rico. Was there immediate sparks? Did you know he was the one or did it take some time?

Battle: I absolutely knew. It was such a rush of emotions in that moment and ended up being my favorite memory of the season. He was just so beautiful, I could not believe how lucky I was and I could not wait to get to know him more.

TRM: Rico, same question to you, tell me what was going through your head when you saw Nigel?

Prada: When I first saw Nigel, my heart dropped (in a good way) because he was literally what I was physically looking for in a man. It’s not a hang-up, but he was thicc. I don’t really prefer twinks. And he was a man of color and hairy. He checked most of my boxes physically. The rest was getting to know him. It was refreshing.

TRM: Do you normally go after men older than you, Rico or was there something about him that you knew was unlike any other partner?

Prada: I don’t really have an age hang-up, I would only say I don’t usually date anyone two or more years younger than me. For me, it’s about chemistry and respect and if we both can see eye to eye on that, then the rest will fall into place naturally.

TRM: I am a fan of reality television and always curious about what the cameras don’t see. What was the day-to-day like on set?

Battle: The days were long but so much fun! The cast and crew got close fast, so we began having an amazing time on and off camera. We filmed for 10-12 hours a day but while not on camera the production took great care of us in the mansion. Rico and I would often hang out on the backyard couches by the water or on the mansion rooftop because of the view! There were so many moments I wish the cameras had captured.

Prada: It’s really hard, honestly. There is a very strict schedule: We wake up early every day and it’s filming for almost 12 hours a day. So, it takes a lot out of people, but I wouldn’t change the experience, like ever.

TRM: Let’s talk about the host of For the Love of DILFs, Stormy Daniels. Can you tell us what working with her on set was like and do you still keep in touch with her?

Battle: Stormy was extremely professional on set and so much fun to work with! You could tell she was so much more comfortable and involved with leading the cast in Season 2 versus the 1st season of For the Love of DILFs. We shared so many intense moments on set together and I definitely miss her! We keep in touch with Stormy on social media as best we can since the show has ended.

TRM: As a fan of The Bachelor and other dating shows like this, the dates are always my favorite part. The dates on For the Love of DILFs looked fun and very wish-fulfillment-y. Is there one date in particular that stood out to you?

Battle: My favorite date was winning the bedroom suite! It was equipped with a flowing chocolate fountain, fresh strawberries, and champagne. But most of all, it gave us privacy, which we really wanted and needed at that point in the competition.

Prada: My favorite date with Nigel I would say was when we went on the helicopter. It was an experience we both never had, and the fact that I got to share it with my bear was even more amazing. From the champagne to cuddling, that day was very amazing for us.

TRM: With reality TV, there’s always going to be drama and tension (otherwise it doesn’t make for great TV haha). How did you manage to ground yourself in the chaos?

Battle: I managed to ground myself by just always staying true to myself. I tried to play a real and honest game because I knew that I had real and honest feelings. I stayed grounded by believing in myself till the very end and always speaking my truth.

Prada: Honestly, we just continued to be our true selves at all times. So even when there was drama, it was just like say what you mean and say it with your chest because that is what we are here to do.

TRM: Nigel, were there times your relationship with Rico was tested at all? How did you overcome that?

Battle: Definitely. The competition was full of challenges that were built around testing relationships. Every episode was another wall to break through. We overcame it by working together better and better each day. Our communication was something we had to work on in order to understand each other, so it took time.

TRM: Same question, Rico. Were there times your relationship with Nigel was tested at all?

Prada: Yes, of course. So there was a point where Nigel and I had a side conversation to vote the same and when it came down to voting, Nigel changed his vote and didn’t let me know. So at that time, I felt very betrayed. But the fact of the matter is it just took open communication on both our ends and we were able to get past that and resume our relationship and trust each other.

TRM: As far as my memory serves, this is the first time I truly saw two bears/bigger men on reality TV being desired and pursued on a romantic level. How important is it to have that sort of representation celebrated and represented on a large scale like For the Love of DILFs?

Battle: VERY important. As I get older, representation becomes the larger reason of why I do things and even though Rico is younger, he was on the same page as me. We knew what they were filming was special and hadn’t been seen before on TV and that was exciting to us to be a beacon of that representation. We carry that proudly!

Prada: It’s literally what we came there to do. We talked about it every day at the villa. How people look at us and feel like they are more deserving just because we are bears or bigger men. We are enough, we are beautiful, and we are bear men of color which was another big part because even in the bear community, bears of color are not prioritized or usually face discrimination, so it meant so much for us to showcase that.

TRM: Let’s keep on the topic of bears and the bear community. When did you first get introduced to the bear community and how did you know you were considered one?

Battle: I was at Southern Decadence in New Orleans and stumbled into a bear event (without knowing) with my shirt buttoned up to my neck. A bear quickly noticed my chest hair peeking out and insisted I take off my shirt…and basically, I never put it back on! I had found my home.

Prada: I found out about the bear community from porn funny enough. After I searched what a bear was, which at the time was a masc, chubby, hairy man (obviously the definition has been updated), I definitely felt close in that aspect of being a more chubby man. I  decided then I was a bear. Now people consider me a muscle cub (a subcategory of bear).

TRM: What does being a bear mean for the both of you?

Battle: Being a bear for me means the freedom to be my true, authentic self. I spent a long time feeling ashamed of my body because of what I saw in mainstream media. Discovering the bear community gave me a newfound confidence and happiness I never felt before. It means the world to me!

Prada: Being a bear is something that means a lot to me. Like a lot. I’ve always been the chubby kid in high school, so when I found out there is a community for thicker men, I was immediately drawn to it. But when trying to be a part of the bear community, I wasn’t accepted because I wasn’t chubby enough or hairy enough and white. But I found that being a bear is more than just being hairy and bigger, it’s what you contribute to the bear community. It’s what you feel most comfortable identifying as when every other group won’t accept you. So, being a bear is about being confident with your plus size whether you’re hairy, not hairy, white, or not.

TRM: Let’s circle back to For the Love of DILFs. Talk to me about the finale and the final votes being cast. Was it surreal hearing that you won the show?

Battle: It was so surreal! Some people have this idea that we “coasted” to the end of the competition because of our connection from day one, but that is not the case. The politics of voting in the game and the daily challenges that tested relationships were coming for our necks! Sitting in the finale I was GRATEFUL. Each day was its very own battle.

Prada: Oh my god! Honestly, that day was so stressful because we did the math in the house and from what people were saying, they were going to vote for Derick and Anthony so we thought we were going to lose. But I think our speech was so real and genuine that when some of the people heard us speak to each other, they knew it was for real and not a game. Some people came there to play a game and we went there to find each other and it showed through how we talked with each other. We didn’t expect for us, the big boys, to come in there and give what we gave and win from being genuine. I mean we already won because we met each other, but to win the show was just that cherry on top

TRM: If you two didn’t win, would the whirlwind romance of Rico and Nigel still be a thing?

Battle: Absolutely, we were planning for after the mansion way before the finale.

Prada: I think yes because we naturally like each other. It’s just been hard because of the long distance but I definitely think yes whether or not we won the show we would have gone down the same path of being together.

TRM: What has life been like since being on the show? Are you two living together and planning for the future?

Battle: Life has definitely been more exciting since being on the show. I have enjoyed meeting the viewers and celebrating what the show means to different people. We are not currently living together but never say never!

Prada: It’s been a hard decision to make. Nigel loves the East Coast, and I love the West Coast, and both are expensive and our jobs don’t allow for transfers at the moment, so planning to move together has been a very tough obstacle that we have been trying to figure out.

TRM: With Pride Month creeping up on us, I was curious what Pride means to the two of you now post-For the Love of DILFs.

Battle: It means so much to me, I am excited to celebrate it with my DILF family in NYC this year!

Prada: Pride means it’s a lot to me. It always has meant a lot to me because it is where the LGBTQ+ community can come together and celebrate each other. We are constantly separated by our own needs and wants from the community, so being able to come together and celebrate this history of our people makes it that much more special

TRM: Have anything planned for Pride this year?

Battle: I am actually going to my first NYC Pride this year and I’m so excited! I will be hosting a Pride afterparty with fellow daddies Big Sal and Anthony Hairston from For the Love of DILFs on June 30! Definitely follow me on Instagram @nigelbattleofficial for event information! I love meeting and hearing from people who have enjoyed the show! We have so much to be proud of this year!

Prada: My plans for pride will be to dance, party, and hopefully secure some gigs. I’m constantly always looking for gigs so if you want Rico Prada as your dancer DM me through Instagram, @rico.prada17

TRM: What’s next for you two? Will we see you make other reality TV show appearances?

Battle: I hope so! I can’t wait to be back on a reality TV set filming a new show, but until then, I’m independently creating on my YouTube channel while also working on music, hosting events, bearlesque gigs, and some other surprises! I am a bear who truly believes the sky is the limit and I’m excited to show everyone exactly that!

Prada: Honestly, I hope so. I’m going to be applying but you never know who is watching or will want to take me. It’s all love though.

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