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9 Essential things Bears need for a summer cookout or pool party

The summer is here! That means it’s time for the Bears to go outside and play!

No matter where you are in the world, the warm weather means it’s cookout, pool party and barbecue time! And if you’re an American Bear, you have two big summer holidays to look forward to: Memorial Day, which is the unofficial start of the summer in the U.S., and the Fourth of July! 

So, here are nine essential things every Bear needs to make sure they have a great cookout or pool party! 


This is arguably the most important thing. What’s a big, beary cookout without some MEAT… On and off the grill? Thankfully, we have a beary talented chef friend, Jonathan Bardzick who has the perfect Pineapple Grilled Pork recipe for your summer grilling experience.

Check out Jonathan Bardzick’s Pineapple Grilled Pork recipe HERE, and check out his latest cookbook, Simple Summer: a recipe for joy and connection, for more recipe ideas! 


This is arguably the second (for some it will be the first) most important thing at the cookout. For that reason, you have two great options. 

Some of your guests will be wine drinkers. For those that prefer a little splash of the bubbly, we have this amazing Steorra Russian River Valley Brut Sparkling Wine. This classic sparkling wine is made using Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fruit in an elegant soft style with a fine bead and universally appealing flavors of lemon sherbet, luscious cream, subtle toastiness and a fresh finish. Sounds absolutely amazing, doesn’t it?

Get it HERE. 

And for your spirit drinkers, how about a couple Vodka Martinis or Screwdrivers to keep the party going? For this, we recommend The Community Spirit Vodka, which features a subtle aroma marked by notes of soft corn, mild hints. What’s even better is that it’s a top-shelf vodka with an unparalleled commitment to serving the community!

Get it HERE


Bears like a good, sexy swimsuit that allows them to show off their sexy bellies, hairy chests and big packages in the front and back! So, you may want to try a beary sexy swimsuit from Big Buoy Club! They offer swim briefs, swim trunks, rompers and shorts all running up to a 54 inch waist size. Now that’s a BIG deal!

Get a beary sexy swimsuit HERE.


Now, before you put on your swimsuit, you may want to trim the bush a little bit. Yes, Bears like it fuzzy, but sometimes it can be a little TOO fuzzy (at least for most). 

Well now MANSCAPED have launched their new Ultra Smooth Package – a specialized groin shaving system to help you buff, protect, and smooth your most sensitive areas. From the legends who introduced the electric ball hair trimmer comes a revolutionary three-piece kit that will get you smooth and sexy from front to back.


Serving Trays and Grilling Tools

Going back to the most important being food, you’re definitely going to need something to flip those burgers and poke that meat with! And once it’s all done, you’re going to want to serve it up. 

Bearfare, a small-batch woodworking studio located in Denver, Colorado, offers a variety of bear-inspired home goods aimed at making it a joy to prepare meals and serve guests. Since launching last fall, the young company has launched serving trays, charcuterie boards, and cheese boards available in over a dozen styles along with other kitchen-related accessories and gear.

See what they have to help you serve up a hot meal HERE

Bear Tees, Tanks and Beach Towels

Now, you won’t always be in your bathing suit. Most of your guests will probably be hoping you’ll start the cookout shirtless, but you have to leave a little bit to the imagination, right? For that reason, you’re going to need a nice Bear-themed t-shirt or tank top… Or maybe a nice, big beach towel to wrap up in. 

Our friends at FatMarker are known for the unique and colorful designs featured on their products. They are bold, exaggerated caricatures that are a feast for the eyes: In essence, too much! But in the best way possible! Check out their great line of tees and beach towels HERE

Our friends at Bear-Tastic also know how to make colorful, funny and unique and cheeky t-shirts. They also know how to help you make a statement with their socially conscious messages and slogans. Whether you just want something comfortable to wear out, have a drink at your favorite Bear bar, wanting to make a statement for the Trans community, or show support for the Ukraine, Bear-Tastic has you covered!

Check them out HERE

Beard Care

Your bush won’t be the only thing you’ll need to clean up. When you sunbathe at the pool, you want your beard to be well taken care of and to glisten under the summer sun! Everyone knows that the chlorine in pool water can dry out the most moisturized, sexy-looking beard. 

If you want all the sexy cubs at the pool to say, “Oh, what a sexy beard you have, Daddy!,” then you may want to try LeatherDaddy™️ Skin Company’s Signature Beard Oil and Beard Balm! Launched smack-dab in the middle of a pandemic, LeatherDaddy™️ Skin Company has become an international favorite thanks to the company’s signature organic oil blend – a sexy Leather scent sensually developed to increase blood flow and induce euphoria. Utilizing powerful scents found in nature, it includes tantalizing hints of Leather, warm notes of Vanilla, and the seductive scent of Scotch.

Check it out HERE

Statement Bracelets

If you talk to any fashion stylist, one of their top tips is always accessorize! A good accessory can make and outfit! 

When you’re at a cookout or a pool party, you may want something simple that you can also wear in the pool. RCrew has created a range of bracelets that reflect the numerous queer flags that represent all of us! Show your Pride with a Bear Flag or Progress Pride Flag bracelet from RCrew!

Check them out HERE

Lube and Cum Towels

Ok, let’s face it. Some people won’t be coming to the cookout or pool party for the food or the alcohol. They’ll be coming to find a hot bear they can get hot and heavy with. And if they are coming for both, let’s just hope they go for one BEFORE the other. 

For this reason, you need to make sure you have Bearback’s Second Best Bearback Lube Ever and maybe a cum towel or two to help sort yourself and your friend out. After all, you may not want to use the same towel you’re using to dry your body… Or maybe you do. Either way, Bearback has you covered!

Cum check them out HERE

Many of us are likely to overindulge on special occasions like Memorial Day and The Fourth of July, and that’s why we like to use Booze Bandage. It’s the perfect hangover cure! So, make sure you have some on hand ahead of all your special events and holidays.

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