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5 Beard growth tips for a healthy spring beard

Spring is almost here! That means it’s time to get out into the daylight with a few lovely flowers poking out of your beard… It’s fashion! Beard growth requires lots of patience, but it also requires a healthy routine.

Here are some tips for all you bears who are coming out out of hibernation and into the warmth and sun of the lovely springtime!

Growth Plan and Style

One of the many benefits of growing out a beard is using your facial hair to shape your face. If this your first time, it is essential for you to research a beard style that best complements the shape of your face.

For example, if you have a longer, more oval-shaped face, avoid increasing your face with a lengthy and slender beard. Use your facial hair to widen your face, so plan for fuller sides and make sure to trim below your chin. The opposite applies if you have a broader face. Make sure that you moderate the jaws and allow the growth of a fuller patch under the chin.

Daily Care

Your beard can’t get the cleansing it needs when you take a shower unless you lather it up with a shampoo specifically designed for facial hair, such as Bear Essential Beard Wash. Water alone isn’t enough.

Wash your beard twice a week to wash away oil clogs, bacteria, and dead skin. A regular cleansing of your beard reduces irritation and gives it a nice soft and shiny look.

Trim Sparingly as It Grows

Once your beard reaches your desired length, then go ahead and add a light trimming to your routine haircut. Create a foundation right above your Adam’s Apple, where the beard and the neckline meet, and then work on the curves of your jawline just beneath the ears.

Don’t forget your cheek line and trim as high and neatly as possible. The right beard shaping tool can make all this a breeze.

Don’t Be Afraid to Use Oils and Other Products

Maybe the most important beard growth tip is that you need to use the right natural products to maintain your beard, such as Bear Essential Beard Styling Cream. This can make all the difference in both appearance and facial hair health.

There is a significant difference between just letting your beard grow and taking care of the growth, as well as the style. The easiest path to an itch-free and a soft beard is by oiling it up.

Using oils, creams, and balms regularly are all great ways to lock in moisture and keep your beard healthy and hydrated. They can also be used to style and tame flyaway, allowing you to shape things into place. In the spring and summer months I recommend a light cream like ours for moisture and hold.

Invest in a Superior Beard Brush

Here’s another Essential secret and commonly overlooked beard growth tip: Brushing your beard daily keeps it healthy and encourages your facial hair to grow in the direction you want it to grow.

That’s right! You can make your beard grow the way you want it to. A nice boar bristle, or combination brush will do the trick! I hope these tips help you along you way to a bold, burly beard!

As always, be bold, be bearded, and be YOU!

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