2024 Lexus RX 450h: a Plug-In Hybrid of Note

I’ve come to really like plug-in hybrids, and the 2024 Lexus RX 450h, a midsized crossover SUV, is truly a standout in this area, especially if you need a reliable SUV that has the every-man luxury that Lexus offers.

A plug-in hybrid is a nice combination of a gas-powered car, a hybrid and an electric vehicle, or EV.  Yes, to get the maximum mileage from this car, you will need to plug it in and charge it regularly. But when you do, maximum miles per gallons is about 83.

The RX 450h is essentially an RX350h but with a larger battery pack that can be charged (at home) in just 2.5 hours, according to Lexus.  It’s an impressive little car than ain’t so little – in more ways than one. 

Cargo volume and passenger capacity is important to us Bears: if we can’t get our fabulous selves and all our gear in the car, what’s the point? There is almost 40 cubic feet of cargo room with the backseats up, and 46 cubic feet of room when you put down the backseats.

As for interior room (cutting to the chase here), four good-sized men can travel very comfortable in this year’s RX 450h, no question.  There is plenty of luxury and comfort for wherever you may be going – even if that is just across town to volunteer for the local Pride committee.

14-inch infotainment screen. Bamboo or wood interior trim.  Power lift gate.  Power steering. Ambient interior lighting. Backup cameras with clarity that allow you to truly see where you are (and where you should be). 

You’ll even get semi-aniline leather with microsuede inserts (snazzy sounding, yes) all over the vehicle, especially for your arse to enjoy as you glide through life, or at least glide through your day being smarter than the average bear.  

For those who don’t care to deal with plugging in your car every night, there is the RX 350h and the RX 500h.  Car and Driver calls the 2024 RX 450h “an RX for the EV-curious”, and that makes sense to me.  Soon in many states, it will be more difficult to buy a gasoline-powered vehicle, so, there’s that. 

Hey, I get it.  Electric vehicles are necessary to save the planet, yet to date, the infrastructure just is not there to make them as ‘practical’ as a petrol-powered car. 

With the RX 450h, you can have the best of both.  Or the best of everything.  Assuming you have the entry fee of $70K US, which is where prices start. 

As always, think about what you want in a car before you start shopping, but know that unlike a pizza, this purchase carries much more meaning and will stick with you a lot longer.

And like a pizza, if not done correctly, it may also give you indigestion. 

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