2024 Hyundai Tucson: A Truly Good Compact SUV

When you need a car just to get around town – and you have not yet accumulated too much junk – the 2024 Hyundai Tucson is certainly worth your consideration. 

Starting at $27,250 US, you truly get a feel of economical elegance. It’s nice inside. My largess felt cushioned as I traversed across a myriad of snow-covered roads and challenges since the beginning of the year.  

This little gem is indeed what could work well if you are looking to buy new and just need a Pocket Bear of vehicle to help you get through life with a sense of durability and class.

But please take note: this is indeed a Compact SUV. It rides well, it handles well.  It zips in and out of tight spots faster than your date can say his ex is walking through the front door.  But the backseats can indeed pinch a bit, especially for our readers who have been told they could be defensive linemen.  

(My advice once again is to always get in first and see how you like it – even before you turn it on. Please, please, PLEASE don’t buy online and then discover that everything is just all wrong. This isn’t a pizza or a couch; you will be paying for it for a while – but you won’t have to leave a tip.

You will get almost 39 cubic feet of space with the 2024 Tucson when you leave the rear seats up and almost 75 cubic feet of cargo space when you put the rear seats down. That’s not bad for the class – and not bad for when you finally need to move across town or across the country for that true love, true academic opportunity, or just to try and forget that perhaps you really were that stupid/crazy in love (hey, it happens).

You won’t win any races with the Tucson’s inline-4, 2.5-liter, 187-horsepower base engine, but we shall assume you are considering the Tucson because you are wanting something practical and not ferocious. Better engine options await as you go up the food chain.

U.S News and World Report puts this year’s Tucson at No.2 in the Compact SUV Division, just below the Mazda CX-5, which is really good car (again). Here’s my review of the 2023 CX-5.

As with any vehicle that is not labeled Large (which is our world is a wonderful thing), again, please get in first. 

Wondering just how big you are and whether or not you might fit in the 2024 Tucson?  

Here (once again) is Bear World’s Bear Crush Jason Kelse of the Philadelphia Eagles, losing his shirt and going wild at the Kansas City Chiefs v. Buffalo Bills game this past Sunday. 

My guess is he’d feel too tight and too uncomfortable in the 2024 Tucson.  

Some of us just weren’t meant to fit into a VIP-Luxury box like the Tucson. 

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