2024 Honda Passport: Spring Road Trip Fun

If you need a big vehicle for you and three friends so you can conquer Jellystone Park with all your manly outdoor gear and designer luggage, the 2024 Honda Passport is a good place to start shopping. 

Starting at just under $42K US, All-Wheel Drive is standard.

Also standard is a 280-horsepower, V6 engine, which delivers a combined 21 mpg – so get ready for the cost of petrol, but that is still good for a V6.

And did I mention there is plenty of room inside this motor lodge on all fours?

Two of the hottest Bears on TV right now are actors Will Sasso and Lance Barber, who both play hot dads on Young Sheldon. They are both big boys and they would have no problem getting inside this year’s Honda Passport and enjoying their time away from their wives – along with two of their drinkin’ buddies and all their tailgate party gear.

So there ya go…

To be sure, this is a very athletic vehicle, which means that (in theory), it is out there running on the treadmill for you and (kinda, sorta) doing your pushups and calisthenics for you as well.  All while you are listening to your Broadway Classics / Bear Pool Party Favs on the relatively-easy-to-use infotainment system. 

(I am one of the few Bears who does not fully understand ‘Tech’ since most of the guys I dated were more brawn than brains and taught me other skills; nonetheless, most of you should be fine with anything a car presents to you on the dash.)

I tested the TrailSport trim (pictured here), which has been gussied-up for 2024. You buy this one if you are serious about going off-road. 

But y’all should be fine with just the base EX-L, which has leather, a sunroof, heated power front seats, heated mirrors, power liftgate, remote start and other goodies, all standard. And, of course, a lot of room for you to unpack all you carry.

U.S. News and World Report (one of my favorite go-to websites for new car information) names the 2024 Honda Passport its Winner for two awards: Best 2-Row SUV for the Money and 2-Row SUV for Families.  And as Bears, we are definitely all about families.  And many days, we need to be all about the Benjamins as well. 

If you are really into BIG (aren’t we all?), also check out the Honda Pilot because it’s even bigger, but make sure you have a place to park it – like your grandparents’ ranch. 

As Cinco de Mayo approaches, we here at Bear World would like to remind everyone that 1) it is not Mexican Independence Day (that’s September 16) and 2) please don’t drink and drive.

We want you to be around all summer long to enjoy all the Bear Joy that awaits you!

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