2024 Ford Escape: A Solid, Dependable SUV

The 2024 Ford Escape is indeed a small SUV, so be forewarned, you need to get in first to see how you will fit in.  And how you will like the drive.

This is a basic SUV, to be sure.  Nothing fancy here. Average miles per gallon is 26. While there is considerable cargo and passenger room inside, prices start at $30K US and go up from there for the most basic of creature comforts.

This is an urban car, perfect for getting around town, from home to work to your volunteer duties and to your parent’s place so you can ask for more assistance.  Reviewers across the World Wide Web have mixed feelings on this year’s Escape, which is in the same league as the Mazda CX-5 and its brother Ford Bronco Sport. 

It’s comfortable, yes.  I’ve had to lose some weight recently per doctor’s orders, though not as much as she would like.  I am fitting more comfortably into clothes and car seats, but as Bears, we should all try things out before we ‘tap’ anything, namely our credit or debit cards. Automobiles are no exception. 

One thing I do like about Fords is the infotainment system.  Lotsa physical buttons make it easy to play Dolly Parton’s Rockstar album or adjust the temperature without accidentally swearing and triggering something that will really land you in hot water with the cops.  Or the one you truly love. 

The lineup of Escapes this year is a bit confusing.  The ‘Base’ trim is sold to only fleets, so the Active trim is really the base trim for consumers – and it comes with some snazzy stuff like a power liftgate, leather-wrapped steering wheel, 17-inch alloy wheels and dual-one automatic climate control. 

Safety-wise, you will also get lane-keep assistance, blind-spot warning with rear cross-traffic alerts, forward collision mitigation and automatic high beams, all now standard.  And a backup camera. 

Yet again, I can’t stress enough that for our community, it is important that you get in and see how you fit.  Some of us fit in fine no matter how tight the squeeze.  Others, well… no matter how big the shoehorn, it will still be uncomfortable. And we here at Bear World would never want that…..

As we leave Valentine’s Day behind and start prepping for St. Patrick’s Day (true confession: I love corned beef and cabbage, though my dinner mates don’t care for the car ride with me afterwards), the 2024 Escape would make a great car for running all your errands in preparation for your Running of the Green parties……

Or however you plan to find out which of your Irish Bear friends are truly Magically Delicious

Bear World plea: If you plan on having that special bottle of Jameson on St. Patrick’s Day, PLEASE: have someone else drive.  We want you safe!

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