2024 BMW X2: Go Speed Racer!

They call BMWs The Ultimate Driving Machines for a reason.  And the 2024 BMW X2, a subcompact luxury efficiency suite, does indeed fit that bill to a tee.

Becoming available just a few months ago, the 2024 X2 has been making quite the splash – and quite the entrance. It is (for many) a perfect combo of race car and family car, assuming your family is of modest size – and you don’t want to get any speeding tickets.

Direct-injection 2.0-liter twin-turbo inline-4, 16-valve performance engine with 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.  0 to 60 is possible in less than five seconds.

Truly unnecessary, yes, but WOW! does it make the car go.  And perform.  And give you a thrill like, say, when you took first steps onto the Castro and Market in San Francisco, like my husband did pre-pandemic. 

The rush of euphoria, along with 312 horses and 295 pound-feet of torque, is simply overwhelming.  Make sure you are with a trusted friend when you hit the gas or get gas!

For this Mighty Mouse (yes, it’s a little tight; so pls get inside before you buy), you might be a bit overwhelmed.  But that’s the point. 

Counterintuitively, it has less room inside than the X1, which is also a decent subcompact SUV.  Yet there is some decent cargo room: more than 25 cubic feet just behind the backseats and almost 52 cubic feet when you fold those seats down. 

All-Wheel Drive is standard for this all-new second generation of the X2, which, again, is a subcompact SUV. It’s designed with its BMW brothers M2 and M3 in mind, which are both coupes, and both are truly racecars. The whole point behind the X2 is to give buyers a car that can really be fun to drive but also have a practical side for daily life.

Indeed, it does deliver.

I tested the xDrive28i version, which starts at $42K US. It’s tame when needed and roaring when you want. Who doesn’t want that in your date for the night?

Manufacturers always have the dilemma of designing cars that are built for speed while making them large enough for men who are of size, like our readers.  I’m not sure that dilemma will ever be resolved to any man’s complete satisfaction, so for now we will just have to pick and choose.

This current X2 is a fast, fun and a not-at-all furious speed racer.  You will enjoy.

Just make sure you are comfortable when you sit inside.  Getting pinched can be a fun thing – unless you are being taken to the cleaners.

(I will try to move past the cliches next time, I promise.)

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