2023 Lexus LX 600: Truly, The Bold & The Beautiful

Considered the flagship SUV of the Lexus lineup, the 2023 Lexus LX 600 truly is the fathership, which means that for starters, it has all kinds of bells and whistles (literally) to help you drive it and park it and get around town – and country.

We here at Bear World never want you to Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, so here’s what to expect: 6,000 pounds, 16½ feet long, 6½ feet wide and just over 6 feet tall without roof rails or big arse tires. 

And it likes to drink: combined mpg is 19 and you really should use premium gasoline because this is a premium vehicle. 

But wow, is it impressive. 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 offering 409 horses. 

You’ll get two touchscreens: the top one is 12.3-inches and is used as the infotainment center.  The lower one handles all the vehicle control settings as well as interior climate and it is 7-inches (yes, it took me awhile to figure all that out).

Other standard features include a 360-degree camera system (mandatory for operating a vehicle of this size and girth), automated parking (steers into a parking spot with little to no effort), 20-inch wheels, sunroof, navigation, 10-speaker Mark Levinson audio, heated front seats, blind-spot monitoring and forward collision mitigation, to name a few.

Heated steering wheel and Takanoha (a Japanese specialty engraved wood) trim are new standard features this year.  All LXs are 600s this year (what’s left of 2023), which means the old 570s are no longer available. 

If you need luxury while letting all you butchness be on display for all to see, the 2023 LX 600 should fit the bill. 

Yet make no mistake, this beast does handle like The Incredible Hulk.  While truly luxurious, it is imposing and not the smoothest ride out there. If you desire to move like a meerkat (fast and quick), you need to be smaller.  But if you really want to be seen as king of the road, and if you have the starting price of $90K+ US, hey – let me pop the chilled champagne!

Admittedly, not everyone is sold on the LX.  Sometimes when you are dripping with the family jewels and make an entrance wherever you go, it can be intimidating. Yeah, well…

As we head into the Happy Holiday season and you have the resources (and the land) to really impress the man in your life, I’d suggest you both give this LuXury vehicle a test drive.  It sits tall and you see clearly and you really do feel like the Big Bear that you are. 

Just avoid the drive-thru.  And the mall.  And the big box stores…..

So yes, there are some considerations with the LX 600………

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