2023 Lexus LS500: It’s a Stretch!

If you’re looking for a stretch limo that needs port and starboard lights, you should consider getting the 2023 Lexus LS. Specifically, the LS500.

This boat is 17.16 feet long. The average car is only 14.7 feet long. Maybe.

Back in the olden days when station wagons ruled the road and nuclear families were the size of the Brady Bruch, the big vehicles weren’t that long, sans passenger trucks.

The hood on this limo is so large so you really do have to be careful. The drive thru option at your favorite taco joint must be avoided at all costs.  I am not sure I would trust a valet with this beast.

Described as an ‘executive sedan’ by some and starting at around $80K US, the 2023 Lexus LS is an admirably large car with plenty of elegance on the inside and out. While driving, you barely notice what’s going on outside (or underneath).  That’s how smooth this rolling velvet baccarat lounge is.

The seats / interior features are all plush and cushy, as you’d expect.  Plenty of room for four to five Bears, so no need to feel like you are roughing it, even if you are.

On the outside, as you can see, this yacht really makes a statement. No need to convince your friends you’ve arrive when you show up in this kingmaker. Attention to detail is what this gem is all about. The LS brand has been a signature trim for Lexus since it was introduced over 30 years ago and it still shines wherever it goes. 

I tested the LS500 F-Sport All-Wheel Drive Trim (seen here), which price-wise is just a few thousand-dollars more than the base LS500 trim.  Even more luxury and safety about at this level. You name it, it has it. Driving it is a joy but also a bit of a nail-biter: you sit low enough to the ground that you don’t see everything.  Caution is always advised unless you have a chauffeur (ha).

Across the internet, most reviewers give the LS a pass when it comes to get up and go.  Acceleration is not bad but competitors, like the Genesis G90 or Audi A7, can offer more umph, but they also cost more. Nowadays, few at this price range truly want a slow ride where you can just take it easy (as the song suggests – not a gay Bear song IMHO). Not in this behemoth. 

Owning one of these is not for the faint of heart.  I can only imagine what insurance for one of these can cost, even with a clean driving record.

I am afraid to ask.

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