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2023 Genesis G90: The ultimate in driving refinement

Go on their website and you will find Genesis proudly proclaiming that the 2023 G90 luxury sedan (it really is a dreamboat) has been named the 2023 Motor Trend Car of the Year. 

“Gentle Ride.” “Upscale cabin.” “Long list of standard features.” These are some of the nice things that U.S. News and World Report had the say about the ultra-nice ride that defines the new-kid-on-the-block car company. And I must agree. 

To be sure, this is one of those limos that is needlessly high-end because you want to be and can afford to be driving around in luxury and comfort. This beauty harkens back to the days when you got a car to impress your neighbors with style and luxury and not with power and strength, though this flamboyant number can do that as well.

Fully redesigned for 2023, the G90 gives you some rather impressive engine power: a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V6 is standard, and you will get 375 horses out of that. This should be more than enough umph! to get you over Hal and Dale to all your Bear adventures in comfort and style. 

I will tell you, for the starting price of just under $90K US, this is a car that almost does your thinking for you. For starters, it really does open and close your doors.  Seriously, push the right button or give it the right command, and it will open your doors (or close them). Just be sure you aren’t standing in the way of progress (and by progress, we mean the car can now recognize your fingerprints, meaning only you can get in and drive).

Other special ‘touches’: the G90 also comes with a ‘Mood Curator’. This ‘curator’ comes with four ‘moods’: Vitality, Delight, Care and Comfort. While in the car, when you do get tired of gay-ing out to Lizzo or Cher or Reba (on Bang & Olufsen speakers), the mood curator can set a tone that can control the music, scent, lighting, curtains, and massage. All at once (when the vehicle is in Park). 

I mean, Wow. You can check it out here

Also know that in a car this ultra-fab, your small electronics can be stored in an anti-bacterial chamber while you drive in comfort, all while you sit in Nappa leather seating.  

Hey, when you are paying big bucks for this kind of car – which BTW will hold all your Bear friends with plenty of room and style – you really should have bells and whistles that sound and feel like they came from Notre Dame. 

Notre Dame in France, not South Bend, Indiana. 

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