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2022 Toyota 4Runner 4×4 TRD Pro: Great for off-road…

… and assuming this is about all you are going to use it for, wow, are you in luck!

The 2022 4×4 TRD edition of the 4Runner has plenty of room inside and it is a fun, spacious SUV that comes alive once it hits the dirt. 

You can put the guys in this midsize SUV (which is quite big, actually) and go for a long day in the wilderness and have all kinds of thrills and spills and, well — Get Dirrty!

High ground clearance and low-range gearing really make this worthwhile when you are out in the middle of nowhere (hopefully you will know where you are) to just roam around and enjoy the terrain.  This is not your father’s Oldsmobile or your mother’s touring sedan, so that means you can have fun with it — and it can take it like a man.

The TRD Pro is the top trim for the 4Runner and it comes in over $50K US. By comparison, the base SR5 trim for the 2022 4Runner starts at $37,305 US. They are all off-road capable, but it’s just that, well, some are more capable than others.

You’ll get a V6, 270 horsepower, 278 pound-feet of torque. Rear-Wheel Drive or 4WD is available across the board.

The top-trim I tested was powerful and fun, but not much help inner-city while trying to run my holiday errands. It’s always rarin’ to go. That means the gas always seems like it’s going. 

Admittedly, while playing Santa Claus and having my credit card at the ready everywhere, the 2022 4Runner 4×4 TRD Pro was also ready.  Much like your big dog, forget the leash.  This big kid wanted to go leash-less, get naked, get dirty where the buffalo roam.  So – just so you know — this is not a city folk kind of vehicle. 

Because it sits high, you will feel every bump in the road (please be sure not to run over anything, like a small creature). The 2022 is not at all about luxury, so if you were looking for something along the lines of ‘woody meets elegance’, well

The trim featured here is new this year, and it is fun.  Toyota gave reviewers a crack at this lime green gem (seen here) and we got to run it around to see how we like it.  Indeed, we do like it.

Yet for your daily life, there are limits.  It may not fit in your garage.  And it really is not a beast that does well in the city. As I mentioned, forget the leash. It wants to run wild, as do you.

So, if you are craving an adventure in the woods where the bears really are wild — Here ya’ go! 

Happy Holidays!  And, don’t forget to pack snacks. This baby goes where Starbucks normally doesn’t have shops!

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