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2022 Infiniti QX80: A Nice Big Dreamboat

The 2022 Infiniti QX80 is a man’s boat… I meant to say truck… No, I meant to say SUV. 

All of the above!

When one thinks of a nice big vehicle where, with just a click of the keys or with a simple press of the door handle, everything opens up and all you have to do is step inside and, ya know, be a man – This is it, fellas!

This is considered a large luxury vehicle (in a similar vein as its brother, the Nissan Armada) but it doesn’t overly drip with diamonds and glitter.  There is just enough style and comfort to keep you feeling as gay as ever. And just enough ruggedness to make you remember … Whatever it is you may be trying to remember about being a “man” (Whatever that means. Sometimes, I forget too).

Highlights of this year’s QX80 include being able to seat 6-8 average-sized adults, which means you should be able to get six bears in there comfortably. And for those who are keeping track, it can tow up to 8,500 pounds, which is impressive for the class.

One thing I really like are the dashboard controls: simple, easy-to-use, does not require an advance degree that will take you the better part of your adulting years to pay back. Following simple prompts from the moment you step inside will lead you to wherever you need to go. And when in doubt – just press the Home button.

(There is a YouTube Channel called The Straight Pipes starring decent-Bear-looking guys who call the 2022 QX80 a “Beautiful Beluga Whale.” This is meant as a compliment and, yes, I concur. See it here.) 

Let me be clear: there is plenty of room inside but this may be more vehicle than you can handle safely. This boat is over 17 feet long. Over six feet wide. And more than six feet tall, which may not sound like much, but many underground garages cannot handle vehicles that are over six feet. 

Throw on some winter tires or some performance attachments and, well, it will be like a night on the runway.  All that is great and there’s nothing underground about that. It’s splashy. It’s something to look at. But it does make the QX80 even more larger-than-life.

I enjoyed driving it around town, though admittedly, I had to pick my destinations carefully. Inner-city streets are no match for this beluga whale, and neither were the office parking spaces I was using when no one was looking. But airport runs, cigar parties and bear frolics outside city limits, you bet.

You should also know that this baby starts at $70,600 US. Average mileage is 15 mpg. It’s sturdy capable brother, the Nissan Armada, comes out of the gate looking more attractive to your bank.  Just sayin’……..

We love ‘big’ here at Bear World. The 2022 Infiniti QX80 slides right into that category nicely.

Nice ‘n Easy does it.  Every time.

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