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2022 Honda Civic: Still the One

Fully redesigned for 2022, the effervescent, ever-efficient, top of the class Honda Civic is still ranked as one of the best cars you can buy.  And for good reason:

“Fresh and modern cabin, excellent fuel economy, spry handling,” so says US News and World Report, which named it Best Compact Car for the Money for 2022.  

“Athletic handling and a well-balanced ride,” says Car and Driver

“You can’t go wrong with the Honda Civic,” says Motor Trend.

What do we here at Bear World say?  The 2022 Honda Civic is definitely a car you should test drive to see if it fits your needs. By testing it, we mean ‘get your arse in the car and make sure you like how you sit in it.’ Seriously, take a spin before you press ‘Purchase’.

This year’s Civic has a starting sticker price of $22,350 US. And, once again, ‘Buenas Suerte’ (that’s Spanish for ‘mucho’ good luck) finding one at that price. 

If you are into all that glitters, the Honda Civic may be a bit of a letdown for you. Flash and whiz-bang is not its style. But practicality and sense and sensibility are.

This car has been around for 50 years (I know, I can’t count that high either), and even as something fully redesigned for a year that so far has been disappointing, it can still come off as somewhat boring as a Best of Lounge / Xylophone Music Gone Tik Tok traveling road show. (Apologies to Combustible Edison, one of the best Turn of the 21st Century lounge acts to this day.)

But for many of you, that is exactly what you need. There’s not much on the base trim LX, other than push-button ignition, auto-climate control and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.  Go up the food chain and the goodies get better. 

Standard safety includes driver-attention monitor (truly, bells and whistles), automatic high beams, traffic sign reader, adaptive cruise control, lane-keep assist (always a great thing to have when your flimsy plate of nachos tries to take the wheel), and forward collision mitigation. 

Mileage is 33 city / 42 highway for the base LX. You can get it as a sedan or a hatchback. 

I tested the 1.5T(urbo), a specific version of the Civic.  Wow, was that fun, and quite practical too. That one comes with a lot of interior leather and even more safety features – and has a starting price tag of $29,400 US. (As always, see what a legitimate bank is willing to lend you.)

Buying new may not be practical. Honda Civics have held up their value rather nicely, but I would still caution against buying one online and having it delivered – site unseen – like a pizza or a plate of gourmet ramen noodles.

Of course, all the adverts say they will take the car back if you are not completely satisfied, no problem. 

They just don’t tell you how much the ‘convenience fee’ for that return will be. 

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