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2022 Chevy Traverse: Strong Enough for a Bear

This year’s Traverse is a midsized SUV that really does take up a lot of room (watch out when you try to park it), and that means there is plenty of room inside for all of you – and all your friends who you naturally hold near and dear to your heart.

This is a big vehicle but, trust me, it is not the biggest bear out there. The Traverse has come a long way from its humble, simple beginnings, and is now considered a worthy competitor in the big-boy SUV playing field. 

Driving it around, there was smooth acceleration.  It did not hem and haw and the response was decent. Admittedly, I couldn’t always see what was around me – I often felt like the alpha carnivore while a bunch of meerkats were surrounding me on the highway. 

And as I mentioned, parking was more than a challenge, especially amongst the civilized in the gaybourhood.  You sit high, which means getting in and out of tight convenience store spaces for your nachos and discounted theme night accessories proved to be like a game of college-level Wordle. Plan on using all those snazzy driving aids.

There is a third row of seats, so if you have pampered pooches or possibly even children, this will be an added bonus. When you fold those seats, you will get down 58 cubic feet of cargo space.  Fold down the second row of seats for those big TV and other bear purchases, and you get close to 100 cubic feet of space. Imagine the dream dates you can put comfortably in there. 

Standard features are impressive. To name a few: 18-inch alloy wheels (big feet, nice boots), heated mirrors, wi-fi, multi-zone climate control, seven-inch touchscreen, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and cloth upholstery (no pleather). 

Standard safety features now include blind-spot monitoring, rear-parking sensors, lane-keep assist and forward-collision warning with automatic braking. 

The base LS starts at $33,700 US and you will get 18 city / 37 highway mpg. 

I tested the RS trim, with All-Wheel Drive and an overall black exterior theme, which really looks striking. There are many configurations and options which are available for the Traverse, so if you are like me and have to test every restaurant in town and still can’t quite make up your mind, you will enjoy shopping for a new Traverse.

To say that things are a little tense around the world right now is an understatement.  How will this affect your car buying experience? I really can’t help you there.

What I can tell you is that if you’ve got the money, hone – and more importantly, if you’ve got the room….

…. The 2022 Chevy Traverse is worth a look. You can get in, get out, and easily listen to all your club favorites, as well as all your sentimental favorites.

Indeed, Here’s your one chance, Fancy Bear.