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2022 Chevy Blazer: Smart, Practical, Stylish

This year’s Chevy Blazer is a mid-sized SUV that may work well for your day-to-day urban and suburban needs. If you are looking for something that truly stands out in a crowd, this is it.

Starting at $33,400 US and getting 22 city / 29 highway, a turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 is standard (you can get a V6 and All-Wheel Drive at higher trim levels). Just so you know, the backseats are a bit pinched (always a concern for bears) and the cargo space (30.5 cubic feet, or 64.2 cubic feet with the second row folded down) is not as generous as some competitors.

Kelley Blue Book calls the 2022 Blazer a “stand-out” midsize SUV crossover, citing its “Camaro-inspired” styling, which, admittedly, does give it an athletic look. I am recalling Eve Arden as the Principal McGee in Grease who said “If you can’t be an athlete……”

The 2022 Chevy Blazer is an eye-catcher to be sure. I concur.

Driving it around town, parking, maneuvering, handling, all of it – an easy piece of Chef Jonathan Bardzik’s Red Velvet cake. That says a lot for Bears because as much as we try, so much of our lives does get complicated; the last thing we need is a vehicle that will add to the drama. 

One thing I really like about Chevys is the layout of the infotainment and control systems – and the ease with which you can use them all.  No second guessing anything here. 

I admit to not Having spent much time with D&D and World of War-Crack. As such, I have so much difficulty sitting in many cars trying to figure out how to get the system to simply play my Whitney Houston disco / big band remixes.

That’s never been the case with Chevrolet.  In fact, I dare say their dashboard systems have gotten easier.  And bigger and brighter, just like the holidays.  There are knobs and other tactile objects inside the Blaze that make you feel like You! – not the satellites – are in control when all you are trying to do is just go for some convenience store nachos or to meet someone for, ya know, companionship.

I tested the RS trim, one of the two upper trims which comes with AWD and a V6 (3.6-liter).  Nice indeed, starting at $41,100 US. You get some more snazzy touches with the RS, like a black grille and a black-themed exterior trim (and 20-inch wheels), plus a power liftgate and an upgraded infotainment and navigation. 

Various packages and enhances are available separately, but you may find that the basic base trim will suit your needs just fine. 

I always encourage you to shop around — and get in to see how you like how it feels. 

Again, buying a new car is not like ordering a pizza.