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2021 Lexus IS 350 F Sport: One Hot, Fast Car

Upfront, this is a hot, fast, agile sports car that you will really enjoy!

However, this means that you may or may not have difficulty getting in and out of it. So, be sure you try to get in and out of it before you consider buying it.

Yeah, it’s a little cramped, but you aren’t buying this car (which is a sedan) for its practicality. (There are backseats, but I was, well, too afraid to try them, though I did get my purchases back there. Nicely.)

V6. 3.5-liter. 311 horses. 6-speed automatic transmission. Rear-Wheel Drive is the base trim, starting at $42,950 US (steeper than your Earl Grey, sure).  All-Wheel Drive is available for $2K more — which I would recommend — with no drag on performance.

You also get Drive-Mode Select, where you basically spin a dial for Normal, Sport, Snow or Eco. Steering wheel paddle shifters are included for those who want to be, ya know, a little racier.

The seats inside are what they used to call Bucket Seats, and WOW are they comfortable. J.D. Power describes the seats as “form-fitting with generous lateral lower torso and thigh bolsters (while) padded console sides aid knee comfort during cornering.” Sounds like something right out of a bear fantasy weekend in the woods.  But it’s true.  These seats are nice. 

You do turns heads with this car – if that’s what you want to do.  I really do try not to go through the drive-thru anymore (I really hope the handsome nurse in Endocrinology is not reading this).  But the other night while picking up a salmon bowl (with brown rice, I swear), the Lexus IS 350 F Sport got plenty of compliments.  I didn’t, but the car did. (Sad face.)

Also, Toyota/Lexus has one of the easiest tech systems to navigate, and I say that because even I can figure it out with ease.  This year, the screen is larger and it’s closer to the driver, making it easier for you to operate and enjoy everything from Cardi B to Missy Elliott to Mama Cass and further back in time (Ma Rainey, anyone?). 

The model is also available as the IS 300 but only in RWD. But again, the big downside for bears will be (drumroll, please) interior space.  So please, get in and see how you like it. You may or may not be a sports car guy. You may indeed be a big-arse truck man.

Here at Bear World, we aim to please.  And believe it or not –- we do aim, similar to what your mama told you to do.

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