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2021 Lexus GX460: Big enough for all your friends

One of the nice things about most luxury vehicles is that they are large enough and roomy enough to hold all your friends – and all your celebrations.

Certainly, the Lexus GX is one of those luxury vehicles. Luxury just drips from this one, which starts at around $53K US, but given the current car shortages and chip shortages, prices (and availability) may vary.

The big selling point to the GX lineup (I tested the 460) is that it is ready to go when you are ready to go off-road – and it can do it with a lot of class.

That’s the thing now in rough cars: sure, you want to go play in the dirt but you want to do it drippin’ in jewels and style. I get it. Really, I do. If you were one of those boys who liked to play with Tonka Trucks but also liked to throw in your sister’s Barbie’s Malibu Beach House and accessories, this might be your calling.

The GX is considered a midsize luxury SUV, but trust me, it’s plenty big. Nothing like packing all your bear and otter and all your animal friends in it and going someplace for a manly adventure, which in my case always involves food and credit cards.

It handled well in town and in tight parking spaces. The ease of the navigation and stereo system worked for me. Sure, there are other features to consider. I get that.  

But when I am running late (okay, when am I not?), I need to step in, push a few buttons like in the cartoons, check for small animals and children and go – and not spill my double whip, no-salted caramel frappa-something highly-caffeinated high-falutin’ drink that I paid far too much for.

But make no mistake about it – this is a luxury off-road vehicle, so for those of you who have experience doing exciting things in the woods, you will notice a difference in the city and in the woods when it comes to handling. Some describe the performance around town as clunky. I really didn’t notice. Perhaps it was not as smooth as possible; sure, this is a heavy vehicle, which is why it’s not truly ideal if you live and spend most of your days in the city.

My advice: if you don’t live right in the gay neighborhood and have some room to roam – and you do like to go off-roading, this would be your vehicle. And of course – if you do like to have the extra touch of class wherever you go, check this car out.  I still would like for you to test drive it and check out. These days, I am not sure that’s possible but, hey, well……..

Another good SUV in the Lexus lineup is the RX, so you may also want to check that out. It may not be quite as ‘luxurious’ but it does come in a bit more affordable and is just as good for those butch weekend getaways.

Personally, I’d love to have Barbie’s Malibu Beach House. My neighbors would be Cher and Julia Roberts. And I think now those neighbors would include Harry and Meghan and Oprah.

Gosh, what kind of hot dish to bring for the potluck?

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