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2021 Kia Seltos: All New, worth a try but make sure you fit

In Greek mythology, Celtos in the son of Hercules (of course you knew that). 

Kia says it changed the ‘C’ in the name to ‘S’ (not for copyright reasons) to imply strength and sportiness so that buyers would feel they are getting a very compact SUV that can jet about town in a little go-getter that has all the umph of a laser beam yet all the power of an asteroid -– while looking as glam as a Disney Hercules.

The Seltos fits snuggly in between the Kia Soul and the Kia Sportage, and I truly did not know there was a need for an SUV right in between those two smallish SUVs. The Seltos attempts to give more room and more style to the compact SUV market, which can often be filled with vehicles that are practical and dutiful but not a whole lot of fun or enjoyable. For the most part, the Seltos delivers.

Overall, I like the all-new Kia Seltos. It was not dripping with pep, but that’s not why you get a car like this. Starting at $22K US (by the time you add in taxes etc.), this is ‘affordable’, depending upon how much the pandemic has affected you. It certainly is perfect if you need a new car that is reliable, cozy and your only option is available street parking. And it really does make a fabulous Gay statement with its (available) two-tone color scheme.

You can get almost 63 cubic-feet of cargo space from the Seltos, which is considerable for the compact SUV genre. If you are still in somewhat of a heteronormative situation, this might work well if you need to tone it down a bit. I don’t say that to be mean, but sometimes, you just need to turn down all your fabulousness. We here at Bear World understand. 

Just one word of advice: the seating can get a little pinched. We bears are plus-size and proud of it.  No need to hide or conform just because we look like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris combined! But when it comes to getting new wheels…… as always, caution is advised. 

There are several trims available, and of course, the price goes up from there. Standard equipment includes keyless entry, tinted rear glass Apple CarPlay and Android Auto and one (count ‘em, one) USB port. Go up the trim line and you can heated mirrors, simulated leather, Bose audio, 10.25-inch touchscreen, adaptive cruise control, All-Wheel Drive and even a turbo. 

There are also advanced safety features available for more money. I have mixed feeling on manufacturers charging extra for safety features. These items should be standard but then the base price goes up. Yet these items, like lane departure warning and lane-keep assist, really can save lives. Still, nothing can replace smart and safe driving.

The trend in car buying is quickly moving toward buying online and having it delivered. I am still very hesitant, especially with brand new models. I like the Seltos, but get in, sit in it, test it –- and let your arse be your guide.

Once you’ve gotten the green light from your down under, you’re good to go.

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