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2021 Ford Ranger: You can afford this butch compact buddy

The 2021 Ford Ranger starts at $24,820 US, and that’s a nice solid butch friend to have on your side when you really need one.

Mind you, that will be for the basic truck.  Small cab. Small bed.  Basic.  No frills. But much like the friends upon whom you rely, when you need help or just to go have a good time out in the middle of nowhere, do you really need all of them fancy pants stuff to enjoy what’s really important?

This year’s Ranger (as in Mister Ranger from Jellystone Park) gets high marks all throughout Internet Land for its “composed handling” and “potent engine”, as quoted in  U.S. News and World Report, always a great source for non-fake news out there in the real non-fake world. Great gas mileage too, coming in at 21 city / 26 highway, all while coughin’ up 270 horses from just four cylinders (turbo). 

For those of you who are into size and girth (and who isn’t?) this may not be your truck. But I propose that unless you have a ranch or someplace to park a truck with largess –- and if you really want a truck -– the 2021 Ford Ranger in its most compact form may be worth a look.

I get it.  As boys, we’ve all fancied trucks.  Hard to say why, but there is just something about a truck.  And there is something about living out in the middle of nowhere where there is plenty of room for all your …. toys.  Yet on the practical side (read: money), you just may be out of your league.  Think of the 2021 Ranger as perhaps a possibility for, Like Laverne and Shirley, making your dreams come true.  Kinda. Sorta.  It’s worth a consideration.

There are three trims: XL, XLT and Lariat. Across the Ford brand, Lariat is the high-end, high-falutin’ trim that always has all the fancy-pants stuff that makes you feel like a queen but (especially on the trucks and SUVs) will treat you like a king — or whatever royalty you desire to be, sash or no sash. 

You can also choose between Super Cab and Super Crew. And the be honest, the choices don’t stop there.  You can get the Ranger as decked out as you like and in doing so, that may double the price. There is no limit, especially if you live in the United States.

Average length of this Mr. Ranger is just under 18 feet. Average height is about 6 feet (important to know if you are trying to get it in underground parking). And average curb weight is about 2.5 tons. Does that mean the 2021 is average?  Far from it. 

In my perhaps outdated way of thinking, a truck is for work. When you have work to do, you get a truck. Whether or not you get paid, you still get a truck and you don’t get all the nice interior stuff because you are going to get it dirty.

Today, many people pay really good money  (is there such a thing as bad money?)  to have a truck ultra-lined to the point that I would be afraid to even sneeze inside one.  That said, with the 2021 Ford Ranger, you can buy it and use it and not worry about getting it dirty.  It will clean easily and be ready to go again. Should you desire. 

I like that in a truck.  And a man.

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