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2021 Chevy Blazer: Mid-Size Fun!

I’ll give this to you quickly: this is worth checking out if you are into fuel economy and just need something for getting around town.

Mileage comes in at a reasonable 22 city / 29 hwy.  Not bad, I’d say.  The Blazer is considered a midsized SUV, and I definitely would not confuse it with a large SUV.  Room in the back for your purchases is sufficient but try not to go crazy.

The backseats are, well… careful here.

The 2021 Blazer starts at $28,800 US. For that, you will get the basics: a four-cylinder, 193-horsepower engine. You also will get cruise control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto (well, I feel those are basics), 18-inch wheels, eight-inch touchscreen and six-speaker audio.

There are also four USB ports, and I gotta tell ya, these are lifesavers.  I can’t tell ya how many times my friends hop in the car with dead or near-dead phones.  Or dead somethings, like gaming-somethings.  Or other toys.

One thing General Motors does very well IMHO is they have a navigation / touchscreen / interface that is so easy to use, it is almost foolproof, depending upon what type of specialized fool you are.  I can always hop in, sync my phone with no trouble and – –Viola Davis! –- all my Todrick Hall mixes are ready to play (as well as –- okay, okay –- some vintage Cher and ABBA).

For bopping around town this is a great car, and because it is essentially an SUV, it can go further.  A lot further.  My big arse felt just fine, as did the largess of my passengers.  Cleanup was a breeze when the chili fries and mix cones hit the floor when the idiot in front of me slammed on the breaks (well, he did see something I did not, I suspect).

If you like Chevys, you may also want to check out the Chevy Traverse, which, depending upon how you look at it, is more or less the same SUV.  Yeah, yeah, I know GM doesn’t like me to say that.  They are different, truly.  So don’t take my word for it……

Now that we are smack in the middle of summer, for most of the world (except Australia and other parts), there is still plenty of time to get out and enjoy all the fun you can, especially if you have been vaccinated. 

Which, of course, you have been, yes?