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2020 Ford Ranger: What’s not to love about it?

Just as in years past, this year’s Ford Ranger lives up to being one of the best trucks on the road.

It’s tough and reliable, and perhaps most importantly, it can get the job done, whatever that job may be.  U.S. News and World Report ranked it Number 2 in its Compact Pickup Truck category, the only shock to me being that they consider this to be a ‘compact’ truck (but I can see how it being used for a ‘pickup’). 

Among the many items that the magazine/website noted about this year’s beauty/beast as adorable included its “powerful turbocharged engine, high towing and hauling capacities, good fuel economy (and) optional SYNC 3 infotainment system.” Mind you, this is not a truck for those who need to be surrounded by luxury, though if you go up the food chain, luxury appointments are available.

One thing us bears will always love about trucks: there is always plenty of room for you and your friends. Even though this years’ Ford Ranger is a compact, there is still plenty of head and girth room for you and your friends – and all the equipment and supplies you may need for your daily duties. That alone is enough reason to consider buying a truck, but consider this: you will need to figure out where to park it.  Your efficiency parking space, which may indeed be a city street, may not suffice.

Prices start at $24,110 US, which is really quite good for any truck.  You can get it as a Super Cab or a Super Crew (two-door or four-door) and, naturally, the price goes up from there.  Mileage is a decent 21 city / 26 highway: I say ‘decent’ because for the class, that’s pretty good.

Call me old-fashioned, but one of the things I love about Ford and some of the other old-skool manufacturers is that the make dashboard navigation systems that have a lot of buttons and dials that are easy to use.  Yeah, sure, they are ‘retro’ and just reek of using a Philco B&W television with Rabbit Ears and aluminum foil (think WandaVision) while watching Bonanza (who, what?), but when you are driving, truly, the last thing you need is any distraction.  

For me, I can hop in, connect my phone, and all my Drag Race musical favorites (from the Beach Boys to Toddrick Hall) come right up and all I have to do it turn a dial or push a button (sometimes right there on the steering wheel) without having to look away from the road.  I like that.  Makes me feel in control.

Just so you know, there are several princess features that you can add-on to the Ranger, such as badging, remote start, off-road packages.  This will add to the price.

And above all else, be sure to have that come-to-jesus discussion with yourself: do you really need a truck. I would love to have one, but…. Do I really need one for my fabulous urban gay life?

So many things to consider when we finally do find all the right life accessories……

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