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2020 Ford F-250 Truck: Careful What You Wish For

Yes, Gurlz, this is a really big truck. Even just standing next to one makes you looks big and strong and sexy.

For starters, name the engine and it is most likely available.  I am guessing you would be considering a truck this size because you have work to do and you will need to tow something.  And you know something about engines. And you have to consider your wallet, or your boss’ wallet.  Well, there is strength in numbers and there are plenty of engine numbers, so grab a calculator and a strong cuppa joe.

As with most trucks you can get a shorter or extended bed, and a shorter or extended cab. You can also get all kinds of luxury appointments or just what you need so that you can turn on the power hoses inside the truck when needed. The body of the F-250 is 95-percent high-tensile steel, so it’s heavy but it’s tough. This is no lightweight because, well, neither are you.

Need something? Just ‘say’ it. Voice-activated technology rules the road now, and in the F-250, all you have to do is set it up, and you can pretty much have whatever you need at your command. I mean, it cannot shake up a martini for you but it can tell you about road conditions, tire pressure, gasoline, closed exits and even switch music to little Air Supply when you need to calm your nerves a bit.

Off-roading is now a thing for trucks of this size, which I don’t get, because big boys like this are just a little too ‘not’ nimble. But hey, it’s your truck and you can get it stuck if you want to. There are lotsa options for 4WD packages. Again, grab a coffee (or something stronger) and do your homework. (Since this may indeed be a ‘family’ purchase, we here at Bear World advise you seek your hus-bear’s input as well.)

One of the beauties of driving a beast like this in the 21st Century is that you don’t have to do it alone. Nowadays, there are all kinds of driver-assist options, to include cameras everywhere, computer- and technology-assists and all kinds of ‘things’ that allow you to make more informed decision when you are doing the work of four men all by yourself.  

But as always, please drive safely and wisely, which means, never drive impaired or distracted. We here at Bear World want you to be around for the worldwide party on January 20, 2021, and we can’t allow an accident or coronavirus to snag you. 

But do keep in mind a few things: the F-250 is not cheap. The base price is $34K US and that is basically what fleet managers pay (perhaps a little less when they buy dozens of them).  If you want anything worthwhile, the price goes up – way up. Mileage will vary but let’s just say it will be crap – and that’s the point.  This is a big truck and it likes to drink.

And here’s the main point: be sure you really need a big boy like this.  If you do, you get my point.  If you live in a groovy gay Blue city and have a designated parking space, honey, yeah, well…. No. 

For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a great Turkey Day.  And for those who don’t, c’mon, you’re queer, we celebrate everything.  And this year, we have a lot to celebrate.

And a lot for which to be thankful. Scranton Joe. California Kamala. Kylie’s new Disco  album. 

Yes, 2021 will be much better…