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2020 Ford Expedition: Home for the Holidays

When you are watching those Hallmark Channel Holiday movies (admit it, you do), and you see all those cute perfect white families dashing through the snow in huge SUVs that seem to handle the most perfect of snowstorms, chances are they are driving (or should be driving) the 2020 Ford Expedition.  

This is a large, big-arsed SUV that U.S. News and World Report has ranked Number 1 for the year in the Large SUV and SUVs with three rows categories. That’s no small accomplishment. “It’s pretty much the entire package,” proclaims the experts at the website.  There ya go.

Mind you, if you live in the inner-inner city where the politics are really blue, this might be a little too big for your fabulous life. The smaller versions of this behemoth come in at 17.5 feet long and go longer from there. It’s possible to get one that can clear the six-foot limit on the garage door at your condo, but… Yeah, well -– don’t. 

These are big beasts who, like your big dogs, need room to play — Or at least a nice big driveway.

There are many different trims and combinations to have, so you really do need to take your time and decide what you want in your Expedition should decide that this is the ‘truck’ for you. I say ‘truck’ because this is pretty much what the Expedition is. Yeah, well, it’s an SUV.  A family SUV, if you will — however your family is defined. There’s plenty of room for all your boys.

These cars don’t start cheap. But, for the class, the price — starting at $52, 810 — ain’t bad. That could set you back a bit, even with a hefty down payment. And since nowadays the trend is to build your car online and have it delivered to you, it’s very important to do all your homework ahead of time and look carefully at what you want –- and what you can afford. So make sure before you want a child of this magnitude that you have room for it and you can afford to feed it.

Speaking of which, mileage is a decent 17 city / 23 highway. I say decent because given its size (curb weight varies, but let’s just say even you chasers have never dated guys this large) that is still some impressive tonnage. New this year is a standard turbocharged V6 engine, which is just as powerful as a V8 engine that used to be standard on these workhorses, and wow, did they drink fuel. Overall, the Expedition and his brethren are much more efficient — and lighter, honestly. 

Also, standard this year is Ford’s Co-Pilot 360 suite of safety features that really do make driving a heck of lot easier and safer. I have always been a big advocate for anything that will make driving safer and more foolproof. Blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist and other important safety trackers are part of the 360-suite. This will help keep you safe this Holiday season.  

To be sure, this is a big vehicle and it’s not very nimble. If you are looking for 4WD finesse, this is probably not your car, but know that 4WD and all the fun stuff that goes with it  are available.

This year, Hallmark, and I think some other “girly” channel, actually have a movie or two that feature two skinny men who fall in love and spend the holidays together and live happily ever after.

Progress. One Peppermint Mocha at a time.

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