2019 Lexus LX 570: It’s the size of Texas and TBRU with all the Luxury and more

Once again, Texas Bear Round-Up, or TBRU, in Dallas was a Hugh Jass success, with well over 1,400 bears from 14 countries registered (and more like 2,000 bears and their admirers if you count the overnight guests and the ones found in the men’s rooms). It’s always a lot of fun, and one of the best ways for me to have fun and get around Dallas in style – and have enough room for my friends, my luggage and my Tammy Wynette music – is to have a Hugh Jass car to go with all that fun.

I have always enjoyed the Lexus LX 570. This is one of the largest, snazzier SUVs you’ll find and it is truly a dream to drive (and, yes, it also drives a bit like a Sherman and Peabody tank). I feel like the sexiest bear at the cotillion behind the wheel of the 570, and at 250 pounds (17.85 stones), I am indeed Will and Grace (and probably Jack and Karen) combined.

Let’s be honest: the 2019 Lexus LX570 is indeed an SUV but this is not something you want to take off-road.  Heck, this is not something you want to take off-script.  This is an ultra-luxury vehicle, plain and simple.  It needs to be pampered. You really can’t just drive it anywhere, and you need to show it off, especially to your ‘friends’ who are always bragging about how high-falutin’ their lives are.

Style abounds in the LX 570, and it should for a starting price of $86,080.  But I know what you are thinking: even before you said ‘I do’ after breakfast that first morning, you were already adding up his imaginary assets in your head and you got nowhere near $86K, even if he could work as a rent boy for 20 years at $10 a pound.

So do what I did: get this baby for special occasions like TBRU. It’s the perfect car for driving around a big ole city like Dallas. 

This beast is a presence, even in Dallas.  To move it forward, it has 5.7-liter V8 DOHC offering 383 horsepower and 403 pound-feet of torque. That’s a lot of muscle when you are merging and squeezing onto all those Texas highways.

And talk about all the right materials in all the right places! Leather and wood abound inside – and there is LOTSA room for all your bear friends (limit four + you with just the second row of seats). The seats move to meet you or let you out, they keep you warm or cool you and even keep you entertained.  The top opens up and you never have to worry about too many driver errors because this rolling grand ballroom has all the latest safety features that will keep the car from crashing into something, assuming the driving isn’t whacked (again, we here at Bear World want you to stay safe, so please be sane and sober behind the wheel).

If you do get the trim with just two rows of seats (get this one), you will have plenty of room for baggage and junk in the rear.  The sound system is Lexus’ own premium audio system and it sounds great no matter what you enjoy as the soundtrack to your adventures. This tank / ballroom is so well built that you really can’t hear much of anything outside the vehicle. Thus, stay alert for flashing lights and other warnings signs.  You may enjoy the ride so much that your Michael Bolton or Air Supply soundtrack might keep you from moving over so the hot fireman can get around you.

To be sure, this big handsome bear can drink.  Average mpg is 15, and for some, even that is such a lowball number. But what price beauty, ya? Heck, petrol is so cheap here in the colonies that right now, does it matter?

There is a lot of big money is Dallas, to be sure.  Still, the 2019 Lexus LX 570 is a stand out, even in the gay area of Throckmorton and Cedar Springs. I loved it. It was so nice to drive and take my friends in a private limo wherever we needed to go….

It was also nice to not have to wear a chauffer’s uniform for a change.




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