2019 Kia Forte: Affordable, Agile, Smart, Safe – Perfect for all budgets!

The 2019 Kia Forte is one those gemlike combinations of low price, good fuel economy, lotsa standard features and overall economy that make it a good choice for someone who can truly see the brilliance of sending someone like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (love her!) to the U.S. House of Representatives.

You can get into the Forte for around $18K US (by the time you get done paying taxes and other charges). It’s a four-door small car that comes standard with driver attention monitoring, lane keep assist and automatic emergency braking. It truly warms my heart when such safety features are standard and not optional.

Also standard are many important technology and warm-fuzzy features, like an 8-inch touchscreen interface, dual-zone climate control, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Admittedly, the base model has a manual transmission, and that can get tricky when the Hills are Alive on the Streets of San Francisco or Seattle.

All trims get a 2.0-liter 147-horsepower 4-cylinder engine, but to state it simply, this will meet your needs. And it’s even a little sporty.  A little. (Upgraded transmissions are available on higher trims.)

Driving it around town was a breeze, though no one took a second look at me, admittedly. But it got the job done, from the laundromat to Target to the courthouse so I could pay some overdue fines (I swear, I thought it said ‘Princess Parking -Free). With mileage of 31 mpg city and 41 highway, it was just what I needed to know that there really would be money left over to pay those fines that were the result of, let’s just say, too much focus on work (wink).

One complaint across the web about the 2019 Forte is that its ride, like many an HRC cocktail party, is a bit ‘stiff’. Yeah, well, perhaps.  Again, this is not a racecar. The ride is sufficient for what you have to accomplish. The acceleration is there in case you need to pass; again, in case you ‘need’ to pass. There are faster, sleeker competitors in this large small-car league, but you will generally pay more.  And admittedly, if you want items like automatic transmission and power anything, you will need to go up the food chain on the Forte and pay more as well.

The fully redesigned 2019 Kia Forte is that ‘starter’ car which may actually be the last car you purchase because you are getting ready to retire to live on a very fixed income and you just need a cheap reliable new car.  Or you are getting ready to go on disability and, gosh, you just need something reliable before your last dollar goes for the chemo drug that has been marked-up 1,000-percent so that the Ivanka Trumps of the world don’t have to go without beluga caviar. I know that sounds graphic, but, hey, it’s real, and so too is the Kia Forte.

To be sure, the Forte was introduced in 2010 aimed at struggling young adults who just needed to get into a car so that they could get to their internship, their night job, their weekend job or to their parents’ house to beg for some more money. Nowadays, it’s proven to be a car that is practical for anyone who is struggling, and that has proven to be just about everyone in the American economy.

As we here at Bear World Media know, our readers are not (generally) made of gold or silver. Every purchase must come with a lot of value, even the purchases that really do promise love, even if it is for just one night.  But rest assured, love is in the air with the 2019 Kia Forte, mostly because what you aren’t spending on this car, well, mister, you can spend it on other items of value.

And that just may be a night of romance and corn dogs and reruns of Riverdale.


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