2019 GMC Acadia: Get in and See for yourself!

For the money, the 2019 GMC Acadia has some of the best gas mileage in its class, coming in at 20 city / 17 highway.  That’s not bad for a vehicle with an average curb weight of two tons US.  (A few years back, GMC reduced the weight of the Acadia and that has improved efficiency quite a bit.)

This is indeed a solid vehicle all the way around with a strong four-cylinder or V6 engine, depending upon which trim you select. It’s considered a midsized vehicle, to be sure, and you can get into it starting at $29K US.

I had a lot of fun driving it around town.  It’s a big vehicle IMHO, although anymore I’m not sure what constitutes big in the car world. There was plenty of room in the front seats and back seats for good friends, new friends and those men who just somehow happened to wander into my life that weekend.

The ride was smooth and ‘refined’, a word that pops up in several online reviews of the 2019 Acadia. Yeah, well, I dunno, but it was a lot classier than I am used to having.  Ya know, with a mini-truck like this, you aren’t really supposed to be looking for ‘refined’, so when you do get that extra touch of class, you tend to be a bit suspicious of it at first, but no need to worry with this year’s Acadia. It’s all legit, even if you do spill your Thai takeout on the dash.

This year’s Acadia is also considered a Crossover vehicle as well, and to be honest, I still struggle with what that means.  Given all the trauma that we as LGBTQs have had to endure of the years, the term ‘crossover’ can sometimes have religious connotations. (Didn’t Jesus crossover the Thames to see a show at the Moulin Rouge and then eat falafels in Cairo?)

But seriously folks, in the automotive world, especially for those who truly spend too much time researching minutia, a crossover is basically a sport utility vehicle that has the body platform of a passenger car; thus it is sort of a cross-pollenated car and SUV kinda sorta.  Wow, right?

Thus, the Acadia is indeed both a midsized SUV and a crossover vehicle. And it does have a third row of seats but, yes, be careful.  In an effort to reduce the weight of the Acadia, GMC had to literally cut corners somewhere, and that meant reducing interior space.  The third row is there, so, yeah, well…. Good luck. To be honest, I bear-ly noticed it.

One big thumbs-up goes out to GM and all its cars when it comes to the user-friendly technology they install on the dash.  This is some of the most simple tech I have ever encountered.  No need to park and sit and try to figure out what the lady with the high-falutin’ accent in the control box is trying to tell you. You can pop in the driver’s seat (not that we bears ‘pop’), press a few simple buttons and boom! your phone is connected and your Garth Brooks is ready to play.

If you are indeed in the market for a midsized crossover SUV and you really want something from Detroit, Michigan – and you want that Chevrolet badge (take note, Americans, the name Chevrolet is French) you should also check out its brothers-in-steel: the equally powerful Chevy Traverse or the Buick Enclave.

Actually, come to think of it, wasn’t Jesus crossing someone named River Jordan.  Or was it Jordan Rivers?

To go see a Joan Rivers show, right?



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