2019 Ford Edge: A Midsize SUV that is right in the middle, just about right

A car is supposed to WOW you like your first and last boyfriend did while leaving an impression that cannot be traced to your bank account.  Yet wouldn’t it be nice if you had both a car (and a boyfriend) that simply got the job done, required little maintenance and, yeah, could use a little more luster but for the money, they fit well into your day-to-day life?

In that sense, the 2019 Ford Edge just may be your perfect boyfriend, assuming you aren’t demanding perfection. This is a midsized SUV and most car reviewers consider it to be right in the middle of the pack – not too hot, not too cold. There is plenty of cargo room, lots passenger room, an easy-to-use touchscreen and an overall decent look to it.  This is the car your grandfather, the one who may ultimately decide whether or not you inherit anything, would approve of you buying. And judging by the pictures, it ain’t half-bad looking, ya?

Practicality abounds with the Ford Edge, with a starting price of $29,995 US. It’s big (well, I thought it was big, but I just can’t take those big boys like I used to) yet it drives like a well-oiled sedan, which means it maneuvers well in both city traffic and highway thunder. There is a glamour to it that speaks to “middle America”, which is an attractive bear look for many bear men. It’s rugged but not too rough.  It’s reassuring but not soft.  It’s handsome but not soft.  It’s attractive and really would look great in the parking lot at any bear event. That alone makes it a Mr. Bear winner.

Some of the complaints about the Ford Edge are that its look is ‘dated’.  Well, indeed, it may not be the snazziest bear in the cave, and that is reflected in the price.  There are complaints out there about the infotainment graphics looking too simple and too 20thCentury, but to me, that means they are easy to read and aren’t distracting.  Sure, luxury and leather do not abound in the Edge, but if you get into the higher-end trims, nicer accents are available.

I tested the Titanium AWD trim and that comes with leather trim, chrome grille, ambient lighting, smart charging ports, privacy rear windows, eight (I counted them) cupholders and more fun things, even a rearview camera that can clean itself.  All for just an extra $10K or so.  Just.

The Ford Edge is being marketed directly at ‘families’, specifically those neighbors of yours who have children and other loved ones who take up room and income and assets and who need to be protected less Social Services gets alerted. If I had heirs (also pronounced ‘errors’), this SUV would have appeal to me because I could see me being able to clean it myself since, honestly, that’s what would end up happening. It would take a lot to damage this car and, given what my choice in genetic partnering might be, that could be a real test of how much damage could be done to this vehicle.  I think the Edge is up for that challenge, perhaps all the way until puberty and beyond.

Not that any bear looks at cars in the parking lot when he goes into a bear bar, but do ever wonder who drives those vehicles?  Ever notice the stand-out vehicles and wonder how rich or how shallow or how messed up the men who drive those cars must be? If you drive the Ford Edge, there is no doubt the other men will find you to be stable and practical….

…and, for the most part, most likely someone who can hold down a job no matter what happens to your social media accounts.



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