2018 Subaru BRZ tS: Have fun, but be sure you can get in first!

Two things about the BRZ tS: 1) What a fun little sports car that really puts the kick back in kick-arse, and 2) OMG if I eat another bag of Oreos I really won’t be able to get into this car ever again.

One word that comes to mind when you drive this car is “throaty”, and take that anyway you like. You know how sometimes you can hear that throat open up and give everything it’s got and it just gets you going?  That’s what the little 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine on the 2018 BRZ tS does for anyone who drives it. Hard to believe, right, but it just really gives you all kinds of power without having to send you into sticker shock at the petrol pump.

To be sure, the BRZ isn’t for everyone.  Yes, it is counterintuitive for Subaru to be making a sportscar with a Hugh Jass rear spoiler.  I was skeptical at first, but now that this baby has been on the market for years, I will say that it is a joy to drive (even if I am not great with a clutch, Michael Kors or otherwise). But as with any object that is also a thing of beauty, caution is advised.

The BRZ is a race car, and that means it is Rear Wheel Drive.  Those of you who live where the weather isn’t always sunny need to think twice about getting any car that is RWD, especially if this is your only car.

Also, this effectively a two-seater.  I mean, yeah, there are seats in the back, but I don’t know anyone who get back there. I’m not sure I could even get a laundry basket back there, much less anything I purchase from Costco (where employees are offered benefits and not encouraged to sign up for government assistance, as they are at Wal-Mart).

The tS is such a special trim that is so special, only 500 of them were built, so if you do get one, treasure it for the gem that it is. In all honesty, I am not sure where you would get one now, as I had to turn in the keys to my loaner awhile back. I just hate when I have to turn over the keys before I can make one or both of us strip first.

And if you are thinking, gosh, this car looks just like the Toyota 86, a hot little sportscar that almost seems like the evil twin of BRZ, well guess what? You’re right, because it is the same car.  Well, both Toyota and Subaru have teamed up to build the car, and what an excellent collaboration, I’d say.

As 2018 comes to a close, there are still many more models that I must tell you about before Santa makes his way down your chimney.  Stay tuned. Before you know it, he may have finished his business and your eyes were closed and you missed it!


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