2018 GMC Terrain: A quiet beauty that may be right for you

You can get into a new 2018 GMC Terrain, considered to be a medium SUV that thinks it’s a petite, for $25,000 US.  That’s not a bad starting price.  Anymore, for an SUV, you have to start at $30K, and assuming you are made of money or are in close contact with someone who is, you can get a lot of the bells and whistles that all the commercials and many of your ‘friends’ tell you that you should have in a car.

But maybe you just need something rugged that looks big and imposing and is big and imposing but can still get into your tight personal spaces – and looks great wherever you take it. If you haven’t heard of the GMC Terrain, you are in great company.  GMC does not do much in the way of marketing and relies on old-fashioned 20th Century ways of reputation-building to get its reputation out there.  Who does that anymore?

Indeed, this is a small SUV, but it looks big and it feels big.  And you can get some decent-sized girth inside. It’s completely redesigned for 2018 and it’s even lost 400 lbs. but you wouldn’t know it.  It’s billed as a five-passenger car but, trust me, you will only be able to get four of your most robust friends inside (once again, pack ‘em in and see if they squirm). Mileage is 28 /39, which ain’t bad.

The engines are simple four-cylinders and they are all turbos or turbo-diesels, depending on trim. I don’t feel you would need much power with the Terrain unless you were going to be doing something incredibly heavy-duty or incredibly butch, so keep that in mind when considering a purchase. The interior has been updated so the luxury element is right up there, meaning that now you might feel a bit more guilty as you slowly trash it out with Arby’s bags and unpaid parking tickets.

The GMC Terrain is basically the same car as the Chevy Equinox.  There are differences, sure, namely that the Equinox comes in at a slightly lower price. Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Wi-Fi Hot Spot are included in the base price, so that’s a good thing.

Think of GMC cars as the shy bears standing by the men’s room looking wholly unassuming and possibly negligible.  Is he really worth passing by? Might there be something there that is worth your time and effort?

You’ll never know until you ask.  With GMC, it will be worth your effort.

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