20 Horror Movies Featuring Bears to Watch this Spooky Season

Hey, all you boys, bears, and other beasts. I’m ScareBearDan, and have I got a way to keep you up all night…watching horror movies, that is. Whether you love to cuddle up to a burly bear for comfort while indulging in spooky movies, or if you hold the bowl of popcorn on your big belly as your snuggle buns hides his face in your armpit during the scary parts, I’ve come up with a list of 20 fright flicks featuring furry gay guys that will have you howling, growling, laughing, screaming, and jumping into each other’s laps on Halloween.

After Party (2017): in this sleek and silly slasher with a 90s vibe, a Black bear convinces his friends to play a gay version of F**k, Marry, Kill.

American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire (2013): it is backwoods madness and ten times the Deliverance as a group of young men find themselves at the mercy of horny, hairy hillbillies in a trailer home.

The Amityville Legacy (aka: Amityville Toybox) (2016): when the Amityville curse possesses a beefy, tattooed daddy, he chops wood shirtless then catches his gay son and boyfriend dabbling in some spanking in this unofficial installment of the franchise.

Bear Creek (2017): this indie film might be rough around the edges, but it focuses on a bunch of bears camping in the woods, having sex, and getting killed off by a masked maniac. Yay!

Black Holler (2017): in this trashy slasher (trashy slashy could be a new horror subgenre), our main girl gets some help fending off a psycho killer by an interracial bear couple.

Brides of Sodom (2013): a mortal bear and a musclebound God fall in love while dealing with vampires, witches, and an evil queen in this softcore erotic horror film.

Camp Massacre (2014): there are bear bellies galore and some gay action on a weight-loss reality show in this comedy slasher, including nipple play…with chocolate!

Chillerama (2011): this anthology horror comedy features the story “I Was a Teenage Werebear”. The title speaks for itself, and this is a tale that delivers plenty of tail. As a bonus, one of the other stories is about a giant killer sperm. A trick and a treat….

Chop (2011): a bearded leather daddy has something nasty in store for our leading man in this torturous abduction movie.

Condemned (2015): while an infection spreads to tenants of an apartment building, two BDSM muscle bears indulge in their dog and master fantasies.

Dark Tourist (2012): red bear Michael Cudlitz of The Walking Dead explores his suppressed homosexual desires as he becomes obsessed with a serial killer in this disturbing film.

Dead (2020): if you are looking for a charming ghost story, this comedy has a stocky stoner who sees dead people helping the ghost of a hairy cop in underwear track down a serial killer targeting gay men.

Father’s Day (2011): a hustler, a priest, and a furry little daddy bear are on the hunt for a killer who rapes men and eats their genitalia in this gritty grindhouse flick.

Hazard Jack (2014): this gory slasher takes place in an abandoned hospital and features a musclebound killer and a husky gay couple.

Killer Condom (1996): this classic slice of German gay cinema sees a short bear cop trying to solve murders in a sleazy hotel where hustlers and their clients are being…um…dis-membered by a hungry condom.

Killjoy’s Psycho Circus (2016): the long-running franchise is at its most absurd here, but Killjoy does encounter a muscle boy and a leather bear that get turned on while selling him weapons.

Road Head (2020): a gay couple and their female friend are terrorized by a muscle bear in chain mail on a desert road in this campy horror comedy.

Texas Voodoo Zombies (2016): pothead Doobie must put a stop to a zombie outbreak with the help of his friends, including a baldy bear that has the hots for him—and even wears an “I heart Doobie” tank top.

The Trip (2021): in this home invasion flick, a bearded daddy plans to have his way with the man he’s holding captive.

Uncle Peckerhead (2020): a punk band, including a bearded gay bear cub, hitches a ride with a bald daddy who transforms into a man-eater at night.

And there you have it. A smorgasbord of thicc and thrilling horror films to satisfy your terror taste buds. Hope you have a hair-raising Halloween!

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