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10 Ways to Know You’re a Bear

Despite the fact that Bears come in all colors, shapes, sizes and types, it’s no secret that many of us share a set of commonly distinctive “Bear” traits! This isn’t anything to be ashamed of — carry your Bearness with pride!

Here are 10 ways to know that you are a Bear. Let’s see how many are true for you!

You have a Bear Paw arm or back tattoo. 
Photo Credit: Tattoos Time

You constantly turn everything into a sexual innuendo, double entendre or fisting joke. 
Screenshot from YouTube

You own that one Bike jockstrap that every Bear has. 
Photo via Instagram

You watch rugby and American football to look at the THICC legs and butts. 
Photo credits: Ryan Hurley and Taneila Tupou

You’re always looking for a “workout buddy”. 

You say “WOOF” a lot — When greeting, showing approval, having sex, etc. 

Making out is a suitable way to greet your friends or someone you just met. 

“Mean Girls” and “Clueless” are on your Top Films of All Time list. 

You’ve uttered the words “Your dad is hot” before. 
Instagram: @nyc_furry

You have that one harness that goes with every pair of jeans.

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Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson (He/Him) is Senior Staff Writer at Gray Jones Media, and additionally works as a writer, editor and theatre artist/actor. A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, he studied at Dillard University, received a BA in Theatre from Morgan State University, an MS in Arts Administration from Drexel University, and completed the British American Drama Academy’s Midsummer in Oxford Programme in 2017. Having lived in Baltimore, the Washington, DC area, Philadelphia and New York City, he now resides and works in London, United Kingdom.

3 thoughts on “10 Ways to Know You’re a Bear

  • Though I predicted the Age of Bears in the 80s, I myself, am a Wolf.
    I checked none of the boxes to determine being a Bear,

  • What a crock of shit – this garbage is exactly the opposite of why we started bear bars

  • Fun article!

    1: Planning on getting one even though so many are saying they’re cliche,
    2: Yep
    3: Does it count if it it’s my husband’s?
    4: If I knew where to find the matches.
    5: True
    6: Bears don’t say “woof”. I try to catch myself and say “grrr” instead. Ha!
    7: If they initiate it.
    8: I’d watch them again. …quote them once in a while.
    9: Done
    10: Three of them and lend them out to get buddies to join me to go out.

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