10 Quick and Easy Costumes for Big & Tall Bears This Halloween

Each year when Halloween rolls around, us bigger bear sized guys are faced with the same question of what to dress up as? It’s not as simple for us as it is for our thinner counterparts, namely because the selection of plus-sized costumes is limited, to say the least. However, we’re not going to let that stop us, are we?!

We put together this list of costume ideas for bigger guys. Some are off the rack and some are DIY, but all of them are pretty easy to put together, because picking your Halloween costume should be fun, not tedious!

DIY Costuming

Cocaine Bear
Image Credit: Universal

Now you can go two ways about this. You can rent a full body bear suit and cover it in flour and risk paying the cleaning costs or you can do what gays do and serve up wit and double entendre. I’d personally take the second option, dress in my best bear drag – be it lumberjack bear or leather bear and then cover myself in flour. Make sure to put lots on your beard and in your chest fur. Voila! Cocaine Bear!


It’s been predicted that Barbie and Ken costumes will be massive this year based off the success of the Barbie movie. And what’s great about that is that the movie set up a world where all different types of Kens can exist simultaneously. We’ll just overlook the fact that there were no plus-sized Kens featured on screen and but one plus-sized Barbie, shall we?

To mimic the above Ken looks you can just work with what you have. For the beach look pull out your brightest swim shorts and a coordinating striped or Hawaiian shirt. And for the denim look you can repurpose your denim vest or cut up your old jean jacket. And if you don’t happen to have any of these pieces in your wardrobe, then look no further than Kingsize. They have swim separates, denim vests and denim shorts/ jeans for the big & tall man.

Just promise me you will show the same amount of skin as Ryan Gosling because if you don’t then why bother? We want to see your gorgeous fur and curves!

Mr. T
Image Credit: Shutterstock

You know what they say, a classic never goes out of style and Mr. T is just that, a classic. The iconic Mr. T look of course is to have a mohawk and beard but, if you don’t want to live with a mohawk for six months after Halloween then the above reference photo demonstrates how effective a bandana over the head can be as long as the trademark gold chains and beard are in place. Any Party City or Spirit Halloween will have fake gold chains to buy and any mix and match of Americana or military wardrobe, preferable with a tank top will help you pity the fools.

Still from An American Werewolf in London – Universal

This one is going to be for the harrier bears out there. The good part about this costume in particular is you can dress it up or down depending on the venue. So if you’re walking in the Halloween parade you can do the ‘werewolf in transition’ costume with an open buffalo plaid shirt exposing all your chest and belly hair with the hair on your head and beard tussled. If you’re at Spooky Bear in Ptown then you can just wear a jockstrap or some sexy underwear. Complete the look add some werewolf claws and a set of fangs you can pick up at any costume store.

Sexy Bunny/ Mouse/ Cat etc
Image Credit: Shutterstock

Ok, I admit it. I’m taking this idea from Mean Girls. Though this guy is way overdressed for my taste, if that look works for you then do it! However, the sex factor is what makes these lame animal ears/tail costumes fun. Perhaps some bunny ears and a cotton tail with a singlet? Or for the more adventurous/ pup players out there…how about some dog ears, a jockstrap and a butt plug tail apparatus? The combinations are endless and extremely easy to put together. We have entered an age of more body acceptance so lets flaunt our big, beautiful bodies!

Off the Rack

Listen, despite what drag queens might tell you, off the rack isn’t always bad. Here are some cool big & tall costume ideas that will have you doing the “Monster Mash” with your friends in no time flat.

Brutus and Popeye

We know that Olive Oyl was merely a beard for both Brutus (also known as Bluto) and Popeye, right? The sexual tension between these two was so thick you couldn’t cut it with a knife! has both Popeye (up to 6XL) and Brutus (up to 3XL) costumes available for bears who want to go as one of these famous cartoon sailors. Or if you’re looking for a couples’ costume this would do just fine, and you get the added bonus of telling everyone you dressed up as seamen for Halloween!

Image Credit: Party City

Party City carries the pictured Ghostbusters’ uniform in up to size 4XL. Perfect for a solo or group idea, with some easy modifications you can easily become the ‘Ass Busters’ or something similarly classy like that!

Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

Another potential couples’ costume, Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are a pair of animated cavemen that were clearly having an affair with each other, but that’s not the only reason to like this costume. Being a one piece, it also has easy access, enabling all the naughty bears to go out trick or treating commando. carry the Fred costume up to size 8X and the Barney costume up to 5X.

Friends of Dorothy is a subdivision of and they also have an array of cool plus sized costumes for men including these Scarecrow (up to 5X) and Cowardly Lion (up to 4X) costumes from The Wizard of Oz. So scoop up your favorite Goldilocks for a group costume and dress up as friends of Dorothy this Halloween!

Campy Costumes

And then of course there are the variety of campy joke costumes that places like Tipsy Elves specialize in. So whether you want walk around asking men to hit you with their bats like the piñata guy pictured above, or wear a big cock on your chest like sriracha guy, or act like a slaty pickle all night, Tipsy Elves has got you covered up to size 3x.

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