10 awesome tech gadgets for every type of Bear

Just about everyone loves a cool gadget! 

We also know so many of our Bears are also techies, gaymers and gadget lovers. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of cool things you can treat yourself with as summer comes to a close — or maybe even a few early, early Holiday gift ideas for that special Bear in your life that loves tech!

Here are 10 very cool tech gadgets for every type of Bear that we know you’ll love!

Mino Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker features a sleek design that creates a sound much bigger than it is! It also features a remote button that syncs to your phone to answer phone calls and take selfies on the go.

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iPhone Disco Light

What else does a party Bear need other than a portable disco light that moves to the rhythm of your music? Plug this light right into the bottom of your iphone and watch the walls around you become splattered in groovy dance lights! 

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Sing-Along Pro Bluetooth Karaoke Mic

This portable Bluetooth Karaoke Mic can be the perfect component to the portable disco light! The Bluetooth speaker connects effortlessly to your Smartphone, tablet, or computer, and is compatible with android or Apple operating systems. It also features a high capacity battery for up to 5 hours of enjoyable wireless entertainment, and 5 built-in audio filters — high pitch, bass, volume, reverb, and accompaniment — for lots of fun and full control! 

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Axe Multi Tool

For the more rugged, outdoorsy, “Mr. Fix It” type of Bear, you have this beechwood-handled Axe Multi Tool. The tool also features nine other useful camping tools, including a serrated knife, a saw, a penknife, two bottle openers and a screwdriver! 

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Pocket Tornado Mini Fan

We’re coming toward the end of the summer — but that doesn’t mean it’s cool just yet! This USB rechargeable fan is slim enough to fit in your pocket but big enough to make a difference! Also, it features two different wind speed settings and over 100 minutes of battery life, after a 1 hour charge time.

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Phone Telescope

Here’s the perfect gadget to go exploring with! Bears who are into photography will love this phone telescope that they can clip to their smartphone to get a close-up shot. This clip-on telescope easily attaches to any smartphone and features 8x magnification and an adjustable focusing ring that helps ensure a crisp image!

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Power Bank

Do you ever need to charge your phone but don’t have anywhere to plug it in? Nothing is worse than searching for an power outlet with no luck! This lightweight luxury 4000mAh portable charger holds enough power to charge your standard phone one and a half times! It also comes in either black or white marble. 

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Boxing Robots

Bears also love their techie toys, so what’s cooler than a pair of boxing robots that you have the pleasure of crafting with your own two hands?! There are over 615 snap-together pieces to build these bots! The set also uses the VEX Pilot App, so you and a friend can control all the robots’ uppercuts and jabs! 

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Portable Battery Operated Light

Need a little extra light when you visit the kitchen cabinet for a little late-night snack? This battery operated Super Bright Cabinet Light is fantastic for basements, attics, sheds and more! Place this light by using the reverse side magnets, removable adhesive or hanging holes for permanent fixing. The manual On/Off switch allows for energy conservation. 

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Luci Bike Light Set

Need a little extra light for those late-night bike rides? A chic way to be seen, the Luci Bike Light Set features 100 lumens, a portable design, and rechargeability via solar or USB. 

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