2024 Infiniti QX50: This One is Juuuust Right

“Easy to get in and out,” says  And there you have it, fellow Bears. 

Off the top, the 2024 Infiniti QX50 may not indeed be top of the class in the luxury compact category.

But for the starting price of $41K US (which is decent for this luxury class) and an average miles per gallon of 25, this little gem has a lot going for it. 

And perhaps topping the list is its interior. My, my, my!  I did feel like I was able to snag the executive suite at bear run where all the Good Rooms (Aussies will get the reference) were sold out.

Comfortable ride quality. Ample cargo room. Good fuel economy. Low starting price. That’s what U.S. News and World Report has to say about this year’s QX50, which has no major changes from last year’s model.

All-Wheel Drive is standard. Given the roads I drive, that is a blessing in disguise, but as Sophia Petrillo once said, “if I were a blessing, I’d run around naked!” (This one does.)

All Infinitis drive well, and that’s the point behind the luxury arm of Nissan.  Its power is a 2.0-liter inline-4 turbo putting out 268 horses and 280 pound-feet of torque. Spunky, indeed, with some refinement. 

There is about 31 cubic feet of storage behind the back seats and 65 cubic feet when you fold them down.  That is great (insert Tony the Tiger voice here) for this car category.

(Car and Driver says they were able to get 9 carry-on suitcases in the QX50 with the back seats up and 22 when folded down. These boys are obviously much better at packin’ than I am!)

Standard features (which you expect, given what you are paying) include synthetic leather upholstery, power front seats with lumbar, remote start, dual-zone climate control, power liftgate, blind-spot monitoring and lane-keep assist, among other features. 

As for so-called easily accessible features like temperature and music, it can get a little tricky once you climb in. Yes, there are some physical buttons but much still has to be done through the touchscreen interface – so be prepared for a short learning curve. 

As always, please test-drive a vehicle before you buy. Just because the boys at all these car websites spend their days driving cars and offering opinions…. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t step away from your screen and seat your arse in at least a few vehicles to see how they feel. 

You wouldn’t buy a man online with payments that could go past 2030 without a test-drive first, right? 

Well, we hope you wouldn’t.

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