From the Archive: Beach Bears – Provincetown

***This story was originally published on July 29, 2015***

Just like many bears the world over, we here at BWM are gearing up for Provincetown Bear Week! If you happen to be going this year, be sure to stop by and say hi to us on Wednesday July 12th. We will be set up at the Crown & Anchor pool party that afternoon with fun giveaways and all sorts of shenanigans.

But as we get ready for this Bear Week, we couldn’t help but think of Bear Weeks past and on this photo shoot we did with the one and only Inked Kenny back in 2015. We had some beautiful bears groomed in Das Boom Industry products come meet us at the beach to take photos in Swag & Valor swimwear and tees and tanks from Tim Scapes. And though Swag & Valor and Das Boom Industries are no longer in business, Tim Scapes still is, and we look forward to seeing them when we get into town!

For now however take a look at some of the photos and memories we captured from 2015!

Look What happens when you take a bunch of real guys to the beach during Bear Week in Provincetown. You get amazing shots of hot guys, looking stunning in great Swim Wear by Swag and Valor, Tanks by Tim Scapes, grooming by Das Boom Industries, with stunning photography by Inked Kenny.  

If you ever wondered what real guys can look like in a fashion shoot, they look HOT, I mean HOT, really damn HOT. 

Model: Spencer Noyes Lloyd
Models: Anthony J.G. Arellano, Dillon Font, Spencer Noyes Lloyd, Thomas Silvia
Model: Thomas Silvia
Models: Spencer Noyes Lloyd, Thomas Silvia, Dillon Font, Anthony J.G. Arellano
Model: Juan B Perez

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